Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What do a Sounders game, a beer potluck & Uber Tavern all have in common?

My weekend. That's what.

Sometimes I arrive at the end of my weekend with the thought: "What the hell was I thinking?" Now that thought can be based on many an incident but in this case it was centered around too much partying while fighting off a cold. Which. Will. Not. Die.

So here I find myself on a Monday at zee Berry thinking that I could use a nap/cuddle/stronger medication, and simultaneously wondering if I'm going to make it through the upcoming week/weekend of beer events. More on those later, here's what I've been up to over the last few days.

Hump Day
Started to get sore throat about halfway through my work day. Chose to ignore and proceed as normal, decided to skip Ice Cream Social at The Red Hot in favor of extra sleep. No delicious dairy confections paired with Schooner Exact's Seamstress Union. Sigh.

Woke up feeling additionally crappy, was advised by friend to drink tea and ignore existence of cold. Decided that if I wanted to go to the Sounders game that night, I'd have to make it through 5 hrs of work first. Survived 5 hours of paid slavery, picked up MGD, then stopped by the Schooner Exact tasting room for pints of Seamstress Union (!!!) that I missed out on at said Ice Cream Social. Rolled up into Sounders game and had a blast. High scoring, great energy & Big Al's Brougham Bitter on tap. WinWinWin all around.

Met up with Big Al, Micah and a multitude of other fwends for a post game drinkup at Sluggers, a sports bar across the street from Qwest Field. Them peoples is crazy. The good kind of crazy. Okay, MY kind of crazy. An after party is never complete without an after-after party so we all headed to DC's in Renton after Sluggers. I certainly know that I had fun because I remember taking part in some Kung-Fu at one point. Yeah... Plus, I can't read my beer notes very well. Something about "but I play one on T.V." (definitely don't know about that either, but HA!). Things get fuzzy after that.


My day off and thank the sweet flying spaghetti monster for it. MGD & myself spent all day in bed. And when I say all day, I mean ALL day. I think there was a random food run around 2p (in between Firefly episodes, best sci-fi series EVA!) amongst bouts of sleeping/coughing/whinging/sneezing but we really didn't get up & civilized (showered & wearing pants) until abouts 6p. And only then because we had a Beer Potluck to attend at Amocat Cafe in Tacoma. Here's a run down of the awesome beers and randomness that ensued (as per usual at a beer share) during the course of the evening.

Homebrews totally dominated the evening, check out who brought what below.

Matt LaCroix (one of our fave home brewers and not only because he brings me Pho-King tofu sandwiches & delicious cranberry ale, he's a rad guy to boot) delighted us with a beer made from grain of the barleywine he entered (& we judged) at the Parkway Pro-Am Homebrew competition and his Cranberry Winter Ale made with effing Craisins. I know, right?! Went home with a few extra bottles cause I super heart it and cause he's super generous.

Kenny Thoburn (of Wingman Brewers in Tacoma) provided some interesting bottled beers that he (Wingman) didn't make and I didn't try, but after a long conversation about how much I hate smoked beers he felt it necessary to run back to the brewery and grab us something called Ham Beer. Not an official Wingman beer but something Kenny dreamed up, brewed & bottled quite some time ago ago. It's been sitting there getting all aged 'n shit, just waiting for it's destiny to come to fruition. Fate would have it that Ham Beer's destiny would be too offend my mouth. Well done Kenny. :) At least he gave me some bourbon barrel aged Wingman Porter right out of the fermenter to chase it with. Mouth hole happy, once again.

Walked away with a M&M pint glass!
Charles W. Smith (of Monocle & Mustache Brewery) brought us some of his Sour Mash to try as well as his Robust Porter/CDA. The Robust Porter was a winner in Parkway Tavern's recent Pro-Am competition. Over the last 2 potlucks, I haven't had a beer of his that I didn't immensely enjoy and I am excited to try more in the future. This time he had the whole family in tow, which made for a group of eclectic & diverse tasters. And by family I mean his wife, sister, etc. Not his kids, so settle people.

Morgan Alexander (Amocat Cafe owner and the host with the most for Beer Potlucks) is starting to remind me of Bill Nye zee Science Guy. Or at the very least, I feel that we are turning into his beer guinea pigs at these little get togethers, what with all the random stuff he makes us taste and supply feedback on. We had 3 awesomely interesting porters:  Root Beer, Cola & Pomegranate. The first 2 were very complex and tasty but next time I'd appreciate some ice cream to throw in there buddy... A pomegranate porter was very nice as well. Morgan has ambitions to recreate his own version of Pliny the Elder so his experiments have been dubbed as the Pliny Killer Project. We tasted versions #3 & a modified #4 this evening.

Goes good with smeat too!
BrauHaus dudes brought a 4 yr old Cherry Barleywine (uh... holy mouth happy), Hessian Weizen, Goes Good with Meat (yes that IS the name and I was informed that it also goes well with Sea Meat, like fish 'n clams 'n stuff. Smeat, hahahaha!).

Bootlegger Beers leftover from MGD's trip
SKA Brewing - Modus Hoperandi IPA & Summer Blonde Ale (Colorado)
3 Floyds - Dreadnaught (Indiana)
Salmon Fly Honey Rye - Honey Rye (Montana)

Other beer-pearances were made by Trade Route's Hoppy Bitch IPA, Anderson Valley's Summer Solstice (extremely good & sessionable) as well as a Growler of Schooner Exact's Seamstress Union. Which I managed to 'splode all over my pants upon opening, shocking. There was a ton of other brew present as well but either we didn't get around to drinking it or I didn't write them down.

'Twas a lovely evening of revelry although there are some things I'd rather forget. At one point I overheard the term 'Chicken Nipple Sauce' being used. Don't wanna know, glad that convo was at the other end of the table. I also feel comforted knowing that the best meat Kenny T. has ever tasted has been that of the meat off a rabbit's face. Wow. That story I DO know and wish I could forget. Sick.

Ended the night in a cozy booth @ Puget Sound Pizza enjoying our fave pie & the Stranger 'I Saw You' ads before calling it a night and heading back to the ranch.

Feel sicker upon waking, I'm sure it had nothing to do with the Potluck beers. Hate life in general and experience most boring day of work ever. Somehow manage to talk my way into having a Red Bull delivered before quitting time then headed to Lakewood to watch one of my good buddies perform in the musical: Sweeney Todd. Epically hilarious, so very much laughing managed to wash away any feelings of grossness for a bit.

Feel even sicker all night, manage to fall asleep by 3a. Wake up at 4a after a nasty nightmare, refuse to go back to sleep due to sheer terror of having same dream. Body gives in around 4:45a and sleep until 8a. So yeah, feeling great! Time to go to Seattle to watch rugby. Lay/nap/feel like death in sun for 3 hours, achieve patchworky sunburn due to lackluster effort in sunscreen application. Eat lunch and attend Uber Tavern's 5 yr anniversary party so we could sample their special offerings which included: Cascade 2009 Sang Noir, De Proef K-O (Knock Out), Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast Stout & a Boneyard Notorious IPA3. Stayed long enough for MGD to take in all my pitifullness and declare it time to go back home to the 253.

Delicious Sang Noir with some bomb party mix.

During said trip he was promptly informed that my whinging and pathetic-ness would increase exponentially during the drive, thus landing us at Safeway for medicine & animal crackers. It has to be stated that my dude is very sweet and has the patience of a saint. You think I'm a handful when I'm 100%? Try me at roaming temperatures, lame coughing fits and constant nose blowing. Not to mention a side of medicine induced nonsensicalness to shake things up a bit. Good times all around. At the very least, I'm sure he finds me amusing.

Which takes us to Monday. Still feeling pretty nasty but it's survivable. It was a great weekend filled with interesting beers, fun people, new experiences and the usual good times we like to roll with. Freakin' Mazal tov.

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Sporting a Bustard Eagles scarf at DC's

Photography courtesy of MGD & my own bad ass skillery
Editing & 'what the eff are you talking about?' by MGD

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Check out these cans: Two Beers Brewery busts out some 12 oz'ers!

Two Beers Brewing steps up and adds 12-ounce canned beer into their distribution. I have enjoyed every Two Beers brew I've tasted and especially love them at festivals. They tend to infuse their EVO IPA with all kinds of craziness like ginger, peach, mango, lime & more. Can't wait to try their canned versions, check out the press release for more info or you can peruse their website as well! I'm putting them on my official list to visit as soon as possible, not sure why I haven't been there yet.

I think it's important to add that I am thoroughly on the can-band-wagon. I get the inkling that many people prefer bottles, finding them much more 'fancy' than cans and are hard pressed to make the switch. Let's get real though, it's just a tiny little keg. Seriously... think about it. Over the past year I've had the enormous pleasure of getting to know the fun crew at 7 Seas Brewing, based out of Gig Harbor. They were the first brewery in Washington State to can their beer. At a proper pint size of 16 oz. 

Canning has becoming a popular new trend for many reasons, I suggest you hop on the wagon with us all and enjoy some awesome local canned goodness.

Two Beers Brewing Becomes First Washington Craft Brewery to Introduce 12-Ounce Cans
Targeting craft beer drinkers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, Two Beers Brewing’s new line of 12-ounce aluminum cans offers portability, recyclability, great taste and more
SEATTLE (June 21, 2011) – Today, Two Beers Brewing released three of its popular Northwest-style brews in 12-ounce aluminum cans. The Seattle area microbrewery, located in SoDo, is the first Washington craft brewery to package its beers in the familiar aluminum cladding. Known for its flagship Evolutionary IPA, Two Beers Brewing begins distributing cans in dozens of Seattle area retailers just in time for a summer full of camping, hiking, outdoor concerts and more.
“Introducing cans was a obvious choice for us,” said Joel VandenBrink, Two Beers Brewing founder and head brewer. “We love bottles, but bottles can only go so many places. As a hiker and backpacker myself, it’s great to be able to enjoy a flavorful craft beer after a long hike, without having to lug around heavier bottles in my backpack. Plus, cans can go places bottles can’t, such as outdoor concerts. It’s a great option with a lot of benefits.”
While still small in number, more micro brewers are turning to cans, threatening to break the reputation of glass as the only worthy container for a tasty brew. Cans are lighter than bottles, chill faster, require less fuel to transport, are more readily recyclable and protect beer from the degrading effects of exposure to light. They are also airtight and oxygen-free, ensuring your beer is as tasty and fresh as the way it was intended.
In addition to its Evolutionary IPA, Two Beers Brewing will be canning two summer seasonals – Panorama Wheat and Trailhead ISA (India-style Session Ale), the newest addition to the Two Beer Brewing line of unique, handcrafted Northwest-style beer.
"Good beer doesn’t have to come in a bottle. We set out to put assertive yet classic beers in cans to shatter people's perceptions about what comes in a can,” stated VandenBrink. In addition to ease of recycling and carrying, he added, "You have to admit, there’s something satisfying about the sound of cracking open a can."
The crew at Two Beers Brewing aren’t the only ones excited about their venture into cans. Seattle retailers – including Whole Foods, Central Markets, 99 Bottles and more – have been waiting for a Washington state brewery to take the plunge and will be begin carrying Two Beers Brewing cans in their stores early next week.
"Folks in Washington are beer and nature lovers, so craft beers in cans make perfect sense,” added Ryan Rosen, beer specialist for Whole Foods Market Westlake. “By providing their artisan brews in a portable, durable can, Two Beers Brewing has made it so all of Washington is our beer garden. I'm thrilled to offer my customers a great local product that they can enjoy while exploring Washington's great outdoors."
Two Beers Brewing, in operation since 2007, will continue to distribute its popular 22-ounce bottles, in addition to being available on tap in more than 300 restaurants and bars statewide. Offering eleven beers – including five year-round, six seasonal and a host of intricate infusions – Two Beers Brewing also offers pints, growlers and kegs-to-go in its 4,800-square-foot SoDo brewery and tasting room.   
For more information, be sure to follow Two Beers Brewing on Facebook or visit www.twobeersbrewery.com.

all canned up,
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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Super Most Best? You got it baby!

It’s that time of year again, the super most bestest time of year. Sun is shining (kindasortasometimes) and the Weekly Volcano is tabulating readers’ votes for its annual Best of Tacoma issue, coming out Thursday, July 28th. This year they are taking it to a whole new universe by making it the Super Best of Tacoma 2011. I love keeping everyone in the know about awesome things that be happenin’ in the 253, but my reason for bringing this competition to your attention is two-fold…

Question 17. Best Tacoma Blog?

Granted, there are many an awesome blog based out of and about Tacoma. I read a lot of them myself and could give you many a suggestion for who could be written in. If you are reading this right now, you’ve probably already realized that I, myself, have a Tacoma blog. Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying ‘Go vote for the pissed liBEERian blog before I deliver to you a ginormous face punch.’ What I AM saying is, this is a great local poll you can take part in & if you happen to feel that my blog deserves a shout out, I’d be way super honored.

If you think something/someone/somewhere around town is more awesome than awesome, you can help spread the word and even win prizes by voting.  I’m throwing this info up for the betterment of Tacoma in general and to bust out a bit of shameless self promotion, naturally. My minions do me a total solid in the promotion department; sometimes I have to step up and do it myself.

To be entered in the prize drawing ($200 gift certificate to Pacific Grill & a night at the Hotel Murano) all votes must be in by Thursday, June 30th at 5 p.m. Follow the link below for further instructions, detaily things and to VOTE!

Locally flavored,

the pissed liBEERian

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WA Brewers Festival, coming atcha!

I can say in all seriousness that I have been looking forward to the Washington Brewers Festival since driving home after the last one ended. Reasons for such excitement are included below:

1. I tasted my first Schooner Exact Seamstress Union, and approximately 10 more to follow.
B. I became the owner of a T-Shirt that says 'darn tasty' across the chest.
3. 'Twas the first beer event I attended with MGD & therefore magically fun.
IV. The pissed liBEERian was born.

While my actual blog anniversary date is August 2nd, 2010; Brewers Fest really started it all. It opened my eyes (& mouth hole) to all kinds of different beers and a world that had been completely foreign to my universe. I had my epiphany beer (Seamstress Union) and had a freakin' blast that day with assorted friends. Next came a weekend pass to Seattle International Beerfest and I never looked back from Blogdom.

Whether you have the imbibing of ale down to a fine art or consider yourself a newbie to the scene, I highly suggest you attend this event put on by the Washington Beer Commission. It's been awhile since my last festival and I'm stoked to see some old friends and make some new ones as well.

MGD & myself will be attending both Friday and Saturday this weekend with minions (to be trained) in tow. The festival starts on Friday, June 17th and runs through Sunday, June 19th. Read more about the Washington Brewers Festival here and go here to purchase tickets.

I've included below a current lineup (subject to change) of what's pouring this weekend and highlighted the ones I have at the top of my color-coded, ghetto-laminated list. I'm organized like that & bored at work more often than not. Hope to see you there!!

Brewery *Friday only

192 Brewing Co.

Shticky Blonde Ale
Apple Ale
Kenmore Gold
Another IPA
Nilla Stout*
7 Seas Brewing
Cascadian Dark Ale
British Pale Ale
Ballz Deep Double IPA
Alaskan Brewing Co.
Alaskan Raspberry Wheat
Alaskan Summer Ale
American Brewing Co.
Breakaway IPA
American Blonde
Breakaway Caboose
Hop, Skip & Go Natural – Organic Pale Ale*
Anacortes Brewery
Anacortes IPA
Anacortes Hefeweizen
Helles Lager
Locomotive Breath
Baron Brewing / Three Skulls
Blood Orange Wit
Imperial Red
Big Al Brewing
Summer Ale
Big Hoppa
Brougham Bitter
Brewers Choice - It's Big Al... you know it's gonna be good!!!
Big Time Brewery  Sat/Sun Only
Decade IPA
Cherry Trombipulator
Black Raven Brewing Co.
Wisdom Seeker
Citrus Hefeweizen
Kentucky Coco Jones
Possum Claus Bourbon Pecan*
Boundary Bay Brewery
Ginger Peach
Cascadia Dark
Ski to Sea ESB*
Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen
Vienna Lager
Deschutes Brewery Sat/Sun Only
Twilight Summer Ale
Hop In The Dark CDA
Double Mountain Brewery
India Red Ale
Hop Lava
Continental Lager
Diamond Knot Brewing Co
Sat/Sun Only
Blonde Ale Blonde
Indian Pale Ale
“666” Industrial Bavarian*
Elliott Bay Brewing Co.
Organic Demolition Strong Pale
One Hop Pale Ale w/citra
West Side Brown Ale
Black Ops Belgian-style CDA
Elysian Brewing Co.

Loser Pale




Emerald City Beer

Dottie Seattle Lager

Firestone Walker
Union Jack
Hemp Ale
Nectar IPA
Fish Brewing Co.
Leavenworth Boulder Bend  Dunkel
Fish Tale Organic Blonde Ale
Spire Mountain Dry Cider
Swordfish Double Cascadian Dark
Flyers Restaurant & Brewery
Pacemaker Porter
Afterburner IPA
Humbles Blonde Ale
Barnstormer Brown Ale
Daybreak Breakfast Stout*
Foggy Noggin Brewing
Bit O Beaver
Christmas Duck
2011 Anniversary Ale-English Old
Fremont Brewing Co.
Universale Pale Ale
Interurban IPA
Summer Solstice
Dark Star
The Brother Double IPA (Dry Hopped)
Gallaghers’ Where U Brew Sat/Sun Only
The Magic Bus
The Counterfeit Rye
The Monk
Georgetown Brewing Co.
Manny’s Pale Ale
Lucille IPA
Brewer’s Choice
Golden Hills Brewing Co.
Clem’s Gold
Lizzy’s Lager
Ben’s Brown
Em’s Easy
Grove Street Brewhouse Sat/Sun Only
Rye-rish Red
Hale’s Ales Brewery

Hale’s Supergoose IPA

Hale’s Kolsch

Hale’s Pale Ale

Harmon Brewing
Rajah’s Royal IPA
Vanilla Porter - Highly Recommend!!
Hood Canal Brewery
Walker Wheat
Dabob Bay IPA
Big Beef Oatmeal Stout
Howe Sound Brewing Co. Sat/Sun Only
King Heffy Imperial Hefeweizen
Howe Sound Lager
Total Eclipse of the Hop
Pothole Filler
Iron Horse Brewery
Quilter’s Irish death
High Five Hefe
Issaquah Brewing/Rogue
Hop Bomb IPA
Blue Square

Kona Brewing Co. Sat/Sun Only
Longboard Lager
Wailua Wheat
Mac & Jack’s Brewing Co. Sat/Sun Only
African Amber
C U Lator Barleywine Ale
Maritime Pacific Brewing
Decompression Ale
Extra Pale Ale (X.P.A.)
McMenamin’s Sat/Sun Only
Copper Moon
Naked City Brewery & Taphouse
Yankee Drifter
New Belgium Brewing
Ranger IPA
Fat Tire Super Cru
Ninkasi Brewing Sat/Sun Only
Brewer’s Choice
North Sound Brewing Co.
Hop Chops IPA
Baffing Spoon Scottish Ale
Bitter Rain ESB
Northern Lights Brewing Co. Sat/Sun Only
Solar Winds
Chocolate Dunkel
Blue Berry Ale
Odin Brewing Co.
Thor’s Equinox
Odin’s Pearl
Odin’s Gift*
Old School House Brewery
Ruud Awakening IPA
Hooligan Stout
Pike Brewing Company
Pike Monk’s Uncle Tripel
Pike Dry Wit
Pike IPA
Pike Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale
Port Townsend Brewing Co.
Oaked Scotch Ale
Triple Dry Hopped Hop Diggidy
Green Tea Gold
Pyramid Brewery

Live Wire


Pyramid Hefeweizen

Apricot Ale

Ram Restaurant & Brewery
Berry White
CoConut Porter
Redhook Brewery
Redhook Pilsner
Redhook Wit
Rock Bottom Bellevue
Brewer’s Choice
Roslyn Brewing Co.
Schooner EXACT
Seamstress Union - Yeah....
Schoon Lyte - Hahahahaha!
King Street
Bravehorse Pale Ale*
Scuttlebutt Brewing Co.
Gale Force IPA
Nitro Tell Tale
The Dirty Blonde
Scuttlebutt’s Tripel 7*
Silver City Brewery
Ziggy Zoggy
Ridgetop Red
Whoop Pass
Skookum Brewery Sat/Sun Only
Murder of Crows
Jackass IPA
Hooskal Stout (Barrel Aged)
Snipes Mountain Brewing Sat/Sun Only
Moxee Pale Ale
The Letter “C”
Lil’ Chief
Dos Borrachos
Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company
Plant 1 Powerhouse IPA
Steam Train Porter
Summer Beer
Dry-Hopped Plant 1 Powerhouse IPA*
Sound Brewery
Kristal weizen
koperen ketel
O’Regans Revenge
Stone Brewing Co. Sat/Sun Only
Stone Smoked Porter
Stone IPA
Trade Route Brewing Sat/Sun Only
Mango Weizen
Jet Stream
Hoppy Bitch IPA
Two Beers Brewing Co.
Ginger and Lime Panorama Wheat (Wheat Beer)
Immersion Amber
Father’s Day Festival Exclusive Infused Evo. IPA
Trailhead ISA (India Session Ale)
Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. Sat/Sun Only
Black IPA
X114 Rotator IPA
Citra Blonde
Wingman Brewers
Bourbon Barrel Porter*
British Table Beer*
Pocket Aces Double IPA*
Pomegranate Porter (Sat)
Belgian Sour Ale (Sat)
North West Red Ale
P-51 Porter (Sun)
Blue Beards Espresso Roast Porter (Sun)
Pin-Up Pale Ale (Sun)

So, just a couple beers then... right. This is why I have an entourage. It's gonna be a fun one, count on it.

Whether an epiphany happens in your mouth or somewhere else, 
it's still an epiphany.


the pissed liBEERian

Drink with the Devil. If you dare...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Newish & Highly Noteworthy-ish Blogs You Should Follow

Been out and about lately with MGD on an ale-cation of sorts around the Midwest. Brewery visits galore & a pub crawl that took 2 full days to complete. Since I'm so busy easing myself back into reality, sorting out notes for a (multi-part) blog & planning a private weekend party to enjoy the cooler loads of brews MGD is hauling home, I'm gonna hafta pull a bait and switch move on ya.

This essentially means 'That all sounds exciting, right? Well, I'm going to try and distract you with something else while I'm busy doing all that..." Although I'm not trying to insult anyone's intelligence, I'm hoping it's an effective diversion.

I'd like to recommend two newish blogs I've been enjoying immensely as of late. Hopefully you'll love 'em too.

Chris Baker of Portland's EyeLuvBeer products (think bumper stickers & tshirts, check out their swag here!) started a blog recently describing his adventures in all things beer. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Tacoma Craft Beer Fest in Fall 2010 and we've been buds ever since. EyeLuvBeer stuff is great, he spells stuff like I do & has a well written blog that provides hilarity and interesting-ness upon perusal.


 This is a blog from the Tacoma Public Library System, which multiple employees scribe for. However, there is one author in particular that really stands out. The author goes by jreisdorf and posts not only well researched & thought out blogs, but is a talented writer to boot. Her reviews have led me to crack open some fantastic novels that I may not have considered before hearing her thoughts. You should FOR SURE check out her latest post (which you can access by clicking on the blog title above) describing the history of classic cocktails and the local imbibing scene. I had the pleasure of joining her on a 'research' trip and she found my witticisms awesome enough to quote at the end of her blog. (Yes, I did just manage to self promote myself while promoting someone else.)

I subscribe to a LOT of blogs (over half of them beer related) and end up skimming a lot of them due to time constraints. There are about 10-15 blogs that cause me to first do an internal happy dance (although some blogs demand an external happy dance) upon seeing a new post, then I devour every single word. As an admitted bibliophile, I heart the general existence of all literature. There are too many wonderful things to read out there to ever waste my time on something that isn't a cut above. Both of these blogs (& their writers) are worth my time. And yours.

Slowly working my way out of vacation recovery mode,
the pissed liBEERian

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