Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thou shalt resolve in 2011...

Things I Super Lurv!
1. Ghetto laminating pointless items. (ie my 2011 parking pass. I spent 10m on this thing for a job I might possibly not have come February '11)
B. Arranging my assortment of 6 pillows into a fortress like nest to sleep in. (please note that I am a firm believer that when 2 people share a bed & they are not in an entwined state, each person is entitled to 1/2 of the bed. I am also a firm believer that my half of the bed resides in the middle of the bed. Thus leaving 1/4 on each side for my bed buddy to figure out. When you add 6 ginormous pillows to that crazy cocktail... no wonder MGD always wants to have slumber parties @ his casa.)
3 1/2. The memoirs of amazingly funny and witty author, Jen Lancaster.
4. New Years Resolutions. (self explanatory)

I love the idea of a fresh start. A reason to begin something new or a new found gusto to tackle something you've been putting off. Decrees can be made for the following 365 days ahead. For 2010, I made some pretty lofty personal goals and had met them all by mid-summer. A true first and an amazing sense of accomplishment for this girl. I am currently working on a list of personal goals for 2011, as well as some goals for the pissed liBEERian. I have to keep my two identities separate otherwise people in my 'real' life will get the PL confused with all of my OTHER personalities & voices. It's safer for everyone that way.

I am not planning on posting these ambitions until shortly after New Years Eve, so the ideas are still pending and formulating and being brought to life like Frankenstein's monster. I care about the direction of this blog and my fan base. It might be small group but I know it's a loyal one. If you have any bright ideas, suggestions or comments/complaints/constructive criticism that relate to my aleventures and blogging... please let me know! I'd love to hear from anyone who has an idea on things I could eyewitness, drink, or do in the name of the pissed liBEERian.

Hoping your 2011 is as bomb diggity as my 2010 was...
the pissed liBEERian

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hollyday Hangover

I would say that this is one of the first years I haven't experienced some version of the post Christmas Crash. You know... that sad, ominous feeling that everything that you had been looking forward to since Thanksgiving, is now over and done with. Like a sugar high gone wrong and ending too quickly.  I was looking forward to all kinds of cheeriness and merriment for the 2010 holiday season.

My only problem this year was being way super duper lazy about getting my Christmas shopping done and setting lofty craft oriented goals for myself that were so painfully never going to come to fruition, it's beyond humorous. The usual make-my-own-cards(and get them out on time), craft-up-some-handmade-presents and bake-a-zillion-cookies-for-everyone deal. Nope. Negatory. Not even close.

I did have a wonderful holiday though, no complaints in that department. MGD accompanied me up north to meet mi familia & he did pretty well. Or at least any mental and emotional scars that were inflicted are not visible to the naked eye. I tend to think my family is insane and assume it's going to be a rough go for any wingman I procure for any given engagement. Although lessons have been learned about the two of us sharing an air mattress for 2 nights.

There are the kind of people who think it's funny to dive onto the (air filled) sack (of sin) when it's Land of Nod go time, and therefore causing the pleasantly (and oh so angelically-sleeping-and-not-a-trace-of-drool-or-snoring) slumbering person to fly off the other side of the air mattress. Then there are those of us who don't find it funny. AT. ALL.

Decided to spent the whole of Sunday taking it easy in Seattle with a little rugby, reading, cruising the interwebs at various locations. Hit up Pies & Pints in the Ravenna district of Seattle then made our way over to Beveridge Place Pub for the first time in West Seattle. Totally awesome location! I've heard many a great thing about BPP and have lusted after making an appearance there for awhile. As I told MGD after we took a look around and scoped out the tap list: "I think this place just totally gave me a boner, dude."

Spent a few happy hours at Beveridge, then headed home to call it a weekend. Successfully made it into bed at a decent hour and watched episodes of  Farscape s.3 until I was certain that Aeryn wasn't totally dead, like they implied at the conclusion of Season 2. So. Very. Rude.

However, am now privy to PL/MGD relationship tidbit  #435: While I was anticipating some tears over watching said episodes, I inform MGD that he needs to hurrythefuckup and shower so we can get the show on the road. I like to be held when I cry. He in turn informed me he will take a shower for the length of time equaling that of a normal person and that when I cry, all he wants to do is leave the room.

Good to know, now currently in possession of one dude who hates to see me cry. And after all that time I put into being a non-ugly crier? Wasted. Meh.

Got only so far on my advent beer project for December, obviously. I could try to recount what I drank every day from the last date I listed but that seems like a lot of work that I'm not that enthused about. I'm coming to the conclusion that I can't do anything consistent, for any length of time longer than the attention span of a gold fish. I have GREAT ideas for AWESOME future projects but either I plan it out so much that I'm already over it by the time I start, or I get bored half way through because I'm ready to hatch my next evil plot.

Oh well. Please just be comforted that I did drink, but not every day. I enjoyed everything I had and if it was uber remarkable I would have shared it with you. K? K.

Working on my Post-Christmas-Pre-New-Years-Eve-Attitude-Adjustment,
the pissed liBEERian

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Big Ass Holiday Week O' DecemBEER

I'm lazy. My stomach has been hurting for unknown reasons. I'm busy. It's the holidays. It's cold out. I have shopping left to do. My creativity has dried up like a fall leaf on a random sunny day. I'm too busy consuming ale to write about it. I need more sleep than I used to. The 2 beds I frequent are both comfortable, warm & equally hard to leave for a variety of reasons, so I stay in bed longer than I should every morning.

If you would like to hear additional excuses as to why I am blogging about the upcoming weekly events on a Tuesday and why I only have one real event to list... please feel free to email me directly at 'Cause there's always more where THAT came from.

I'll entertain you (well probably only myself) with my crazy week's agenda, since there is not much else going on in my world. Well... other than frantic rushing around while trying to finish up Christmas stuff that I've neglected to do until the week of.

Tuesday 12/21 - Exit work at 9p. Pick up pics @ Walgreens to add to a scrapbook that there is no way in hell I will complete by Christmas. Head to Border's to pick up a 2011 planner (of the Paper Chase variety, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) with my 40% off coupon. I have about 20 post its stuck in my current planner, of pending events and other randomness that need to be added into 2011. Uh... so much for taking it easy on the over scheduling... If it's written in pencil, it doesn't really count as a plan. Next, I'll head to Target which I love every single day of the year. Minus any day between December 1st and 24th. Night. Mare. On. Awesome. Street. Likely to be a madhouse, can't wait. This is why I do my shopping at 10p. Head home and cry myself to sleep over some more Farscape. Stupideffingshowbeingallsadandevilandtoyingwithmyirrationalemotionsoverlove.

Wednesday 12/22 - Schooner Exact Hoppy Holidays @ Red Hot. Starting @ 6p. Yayzzle!! Hoppy Holidays Winter Warmer, 3-Grid IPA, Profanity Hill Porter, Hoppy the Woodsman, Midnight Union Black Raz Wheat, and bar-top cask Hoppy Holidays w/Theo Chocolate and espresso! All Schooner Exact beers (except cask and Woodsman) are $10 for growler fills from 6 to close! TRH ...& SE will be giving away new growlers that make exceptional holiday gifts! Guaranteed good times... FREAKIN' GUARANTEED!!

Thursday 12/23 - Plan to hopefully roll out of bed at a decent hour to take my stoopidsuckyjerkface Jetta in for new tires and some possible other work before my wheels fall off and I can't make it to Christmas. EXACTLY what I want to be spending my* money on right before the holidays. (*you don't want to know the kind of interest is involved in funding this, I'm not privy yet but things could get interesting) Hit grocery store with the masses for a shiz ton of ingredients so that I can make my own Christmas Dinner To Go. I'm a vegetarian with swiftly dwindling diet options and my family doesn't understand the term 'vegetable broth'. Oh yeah, this is my day to throw together that scrapbook I mentioned on Monday's agenda as well as wrap all my presents. Yay!

Friday 12/24 -  I will most likely be waking up at an indecently early time to finish holiday crap before heading up north for some crazy family time. Immediate family (& hopefully my +1) will be hitting up my Bestie's house for a bit so I can spoil her & her kids. Then onto a great big Swedish/Norwegian Christmas Eve get together. I have scheduled myself to take a nap in the back seat on the way home.

Saturday 12/25 - Will be woken up by my mother at about 4a, who will be whisper yelling through the house "Santa came, WAKE UP! Santa came!" It's utterly ludacris (although he does fill cups like double d's) that I've always had to beg my mom to let me sleep in on Christmas morning. Reverse roles much? Open presents. Eat traditional Christmas morning waffles. Gather crew of awesome and head to the other set of family. Hoping to sit around and eat good food and have a few laughs. Parkway Tavern & The Top are both open that night so if I don't come home and die of exhaustion immediately, I'm sure I'll be tempted to hit up one of those places for some post family relaxation. (Corndog: you don't count 'cause you admirably let me bitch about our crazy relatives and I seek your company.)


Is this a real conversation during a Private Beer Fest or a well known holiday song? You make the call. :)
"I really can't stay. Baby it's cold outside. So really I'd better hurry. Beautiful, please don't hurry. Well maybe just a half a drink more. Put some music on while I pour."

Hoppy Holidays!
the pissed liBEERian

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ode to zee Minion of zee Pissed LiBEERian

This is the time of year that one should reflect on her blessings. A current FB post by the Real Mgd  (he finally made his own page, yay for online cohesiveness!) prompted me to scribe the current blog. See post below:
Real Mgd 
#1 Minion of the Pissed LiBEERian

It has occurred to me lately just how very valuable my ale drinking cohorts & minions truly are. I don't know what I would do without them in my life and during all of my crazy adventures.

They always provide plenty of laughs and assistance (hold my beer yo, someone wants to take mai pikshur!!), which makes my existence as The Pissed LiBEERian much much easier. While the task is not always a simple one, it is thoroughly fun. I hope on their end as well.

  • I have random bouts of writers block for no good reason; they always help me find my creativity or become my on-call muse.
  • Sometimes I just don't feel like drinking (weird)and they graciously offer to do the drinking for me and become my guest imbibers.
  • I am usually too busy having fun and socializing to take pictures at events, MGD has taken the complete cake on that one with his attention to detail, great photographic eye and the ability to always make me look great.  Talk about invaluable!
  • When I've done too much blog creating activity (out and about, throwin' down the pints) and don't know how I'll make it through one more outing, one of them will inevitably show up and keep me company.

    This one's for you guys, you know who you are. Thank you for always helping me out on my journey through the world of beer and pushing me to be the best little blogger I can be. I appreciate it sideways, upways, down & around the corner.

    For those of you who are not familiar with what it means to REALLY be a minion, please see some handy definitions below, courtesy of

    A red-headed person, most often someone you don't like. Also, not dark red, but bright flaming reddish-orange.

    A minion is a confidence booster, someone to feed your ego, something you use until you find something better.

    An evil sidekick or servant.
    What man is to woman.

    A loyal and unquestioning servant, who does whatever the master asks, no matter what the hell it is. 

    A minion is not considered an equal to anyone, is stripped of all pride and joy and is repeatedly downtrodden molested and beaten.

    Cheers to My Merry Minions
           the pissed liBEERian      

    Thursday, December 16, 2010

    Beer Adventyness

    12/14 - Terminal Gravity IPA while reading Sugarbabe in my bedholio

    12/15 - Schooner Exact's Seamstress Union @ The Mix in downtown Tacoma and a 2009 Dogfish Head World Wide Stout @ mi casa

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010

    Just because I drink every day doesn't mean I can get them posted every day...

     Still Adventing...

    12/7 - Decided it was a Christmas movie & beer night. Tasted the Dogfish Head Namaste & some leftover Ommegang Adoration while watching Scrooged & Bad Santa. Why, oh why, couldn't I have passed out 5min into the movie like I normally do? I was already tired when I got off @ 9p, staying up til 2a didn't help when I have a wake up time of 6:30a. I was counting on the movies to put me to sleep. Keeping me awake by being so entertaining... not a fan. This girl needs her beauty sleep.

    12/8 - Full Sail Brewer's night @ Parkway Tavern. Had a delicious Session Black Dark Lager. TONS of other great beers were featured but this was the beauty that completely my Rock/Paper/Scissors bottle cap set.

    12/9  - Schooner Exact Wee Heavy @ Top of Tacoma at approx. midnght-ish. Yes... that counts. :)

    12/10 - Winter Beer Fest weekend! Over 70 beers to choose from, my fave was the Schooner Exact Midnight Union. Thnx guys!

    12/11 - WBFcontinues, gotta give the winner to the Two Beers EVO, IPA. Mouth feel, nose feel and heart feel were all there. Feeling me up...

    12/12 - Harmon Tap Room Candy Cane Porter. Talked to the brewer at Winter Beer Fest. He reported (sadly) that the Pumpkin Ale was off that we were so much in love with. However, a candy cane beer just went on...

    12/13 - Lots of beers to choose from during the 7th installment of Tap Night Tacoma. The stand out was Lazy Boy's Dry-Hopped Orange Peel IPA. Yum.

    I don't like no Week sauce on my wings!

    Sho shorry guys, starting the weekly events on a Tuesday... epic failure on my part. However, if you didn't already know that the awesomest thing going on for Monday was Tap Night Tacoma; you may have other issues...

    Here's what's coming up for 12/14 thru 12/19...

    Tuesday 12/14: 7 Seas Brewing 'Santa's Smokin' Holiday Winter Warmer' Release Party @ CROWNBAR in Tacoma. There will be other 7 Seas beers available, holiday giveaways (SWAG!!!) and jolly Santa himself. 6p-9p (although Mike Runion from 7 Seas said he'd be there all night!)

    Wednesday 12/15: Give a Pint, Get a Pint hosted by Cascade Regional Blood Services @ The Hub in Tacoma. 12:30-2:30p Give some blood and get a coupon for a free brew (I'll even throw in some good karma for ya...)

    Thursday 12/16: Dogfish Head Beer Night @ the Parkway Tavern in Tacoma. 6-9p and cross your fingers that they'll have the Bitches Brew on tap... I'll be there (hopefully with an entourage of ale minions) giving away some of my personally made DFHead swag, in the small profound way in which I do things. :)  
    AND Help fill the glass boot ALL WEEK at The Red Hot for United Way of Pierce County's Season of Caring. They're donating $1 from every pint.

    Saturday 12/18: Christmas Beer & Cookie tasting @ 99 Bottles in Federal Way. 10a-12p. $2.50 for some beer and cookies... it's either going to be fabulous or disgusting. Either way, I'm glad they are doing it!

    Sunday 12/19: Not sure what everyone ELSE is doing this day but here are my ale related plans:

    12-3p... I'll be doing a Sensory Beer tasting at an up and coming (hopefully soon to be open!) Tacoma brewery; Wingman Brewers Brewery. This entails: Spiking beer with various flavors in order to learn how to identify off flavors in beer. (I'm takin' my knowledge n' shit to a whole new level!) After this sensory tasting we will have a more informal tasting using BJCP scoring for fun and practice.

    4p and on... Another fabulous Literature & Libations meet up. This time we'll be chillin' at the Powerhouse Brewery in Puyallup. A quick note on what L&L even is: "We are the lazy man's book club. We don't read the same book at a time; we probably won't discuss the books we are reading; however, there is a good chance we will chat and drink and read and be very happy doing all of it at the same time."
    Feel free to come out if you are interested in joining the fun, everyone is welcome if they don't suck! Ie. No Jerks. Stolen from The Red Hot.

    If you are not invited to or attending any of these Sunday events, you could always hit up a 253 local for some football and beer. The Harmon Tap Room has football, pinball, good food, pool and WTF Sundays! where your entire bill (including beer!) is half off.

    Have a good one!
    the pissed liBEERian

    Full Sail Night @ Parkway Tavern. Now in possession of a joint custody Session Beanie!

    Sunday, December 12, 2010

    Tap It on the B-Side!

    Tap Night Tacoma headed your way on Monday, December 13th. Here's the action, Jackson!

    My preferred route is detailed below. For those of my peeps who religiously attend Tap Night, let's try and coordinate our tapping efforts so we aren't all 'hitandamiss' like. Yeah?

    Red Hot -Lazy Boy Dry-Hopped Orange Peel IPA
    E-9 - E-9 Cascadia Dark Ale
    Parkway Tavern - Schooner Exact Hoppy Holidays
    Doyle's Public House - Ayinger Celebrator
    Swiss - Boundary Bay Dry-Hopped IPA

    Tap it... if you dare.
    the pissed liBEERian

     Somebody @ zee Berry patron made a comment about my body being like a Coke bottle. (there are really no restraints on the commentary that goes on 'round here)  His friend countered that it was more like a 'diet coke' bottle. I think they totally just called me skinny & hot. SCORE!! :)

    Wednesday, December 8, 2010

    2011 Dogfish Head Release Schedule... now where did I put my brown pants?!

    Heaven & Hell
    Glitter tap handles, it's where it's at!
      2011 - Year of the Dogfish

    I've finally just let go of the 120m IPA obsession, and therefore the desire to make Heaven & Hell black and tans. Enjoyed a few @ Seattle International Beerfest this summer, it's a combo of 120m IPA & World Wide Stout.

    It's been too long; my attention span is not the most refined of my talents. Granted, I'll probably still wet myself and take the day off work (not necessarily in that order) in order to acquire some when it is finally released.

    Dogfish Head just shot out their 2011 Beer Release Schedule so I'm eagerly (patiently?) awaiting...

    Aprihop poster @ The Red Hot, Tacoma
    •  February - I will (hopefully) get my first tastes of My Antonia and Red & White The Red & White is a belgian-style Wit made with coriander and Pinot Noir juice. Shut. Up. OmgOmgOmg!
    • March - The 120m IPA comes out (not holding my breath OR counting down the days...) and I'll hit up some much loved Aprihop.
    • April - Hopefully the April showers will bring me some freaking Black & Blue, that stuff is so damn good!

    DFHead Steampunk Clock

    Stay off-centered,
    the pissed liBEERian

    Photography work by MGD & Basil

    Tuesday, December 7, 2010

    Adventing it up still...

    Beer Advent Ketchup...
    12/4 - (reposted from a Facebook status) Full Sail Session Lager @ zee casa. As you can see, I'm working on completing my set. Drank the last one that I smuggled home from NYC trip. Anyone want to share a case with me to help me find the last bottle cap? I want to be able to cry out "I've got the golden ticket!" :) I don't want to have to go into full on harassing mode to the Full Sail kids @ Parkway tomorrow night to get the hook ups. 

    12/5 -It's a tie between the New Belgium Lips of Faith La Folie & the 3 Skulls Blood Orange Wit. Had both @ the Duck Island Ale House with MGD in Seattle, while playing a few (okay... an extensive amount) games of hostile (on my part) pinball.

    12/6 - Guest Advent by MGD. (ie a frantic text message was sent in his general direction this morning asking: "I certainly hope you held up your end of our drinking unit last night and had at least one beer. I got tired, passed out like a lame-o and forgot to drink my advent beer!") At Casa de MGD the following ales were consumed and rated: Dogfish Head Squall IPA & Ommegang Adoration. I'm really glad we bought 2 bottles of Squall IPA. I now don't have to go into my typical rant (lasting anywhere from 2 to 7.5 minutes) of "I can't believe you drank (insert any beer we've ever bought or possessed) without me, I don't care how much beer we have!! What kind of human being are you?! Blahblahblah."

    18 Days & 18 Beers to go!!
    the pissed liBEERian

    A place that does it Bigger and Better than most. Bring it on Big Al!

    This brewery blog has been a long time coming. Considering I did a tour of the brewery many, many moons ago. Slacker status: check. In honor of the upcoming Winter Beer Fest, where they will be serving up the delicious Peanut Butter Stout I had on this tour... it's high time I get to serving up the props these guys more than deserve.

    Let's hear it for Big Al Brewing. (Hu-effing-rah!) Any place that encourages me to live my dreams and drink theirs... a totally winner. And I must say, their beers are quite dreamy.

    Exhibit A(l)
    It all started at a magical little event called Tacoma Craft Beer Fest in early October. Since I can spot a temporary tattoo (or any other swag, for that matter) from about 100 paces, I zoned in on the Big Al table. Micah Sims & Carl Holzboog (Big Al peeps runnin' the table) were as nice as can be, they even offered to put the tattoo on for me. So sweet & helpful! See exhibit A(l). It's on the left chesticle while I'm sportin' some Parkway advert on the right. We took some fun pics, the PL got some free beer. That ='s a win. For everyone.

     While TCBF was my first experience with Big Al, MGD has been a long time lover (yes, I AM jealous) and therefore not a first time caller. He's a ginormous fan of Tutta Bella pizza, which coincidentally goes GREAT with Big Al's Tutta Bella Amber. Weird...

    So the culmination of Tutta Bella & TCBF have now brought us to the general consensus that we needed to make a visit to see the folks at Big Al. We set up a time with Micah to come into their W. Seattle brewpub at 9832 14th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106. Upon arrival I immediately noticed that they had tasters available of their PB Stout - score! Sat down and had some Peanut Butter Stout before the tour started. (holy balls... you think peanut butter fills the cracks in the heart? Try the liquid ale variety!) We tasted/drank while Micah instructed us on the vagaries and headaches of incorporating an oil-based solid into a water-based liquid. Whatever dude, the results are worth it!

    Me next to Little Al
    I have never been on such a great beer tour! Thoroughly impressive. Micah took us through the place while giving us fun facts about the building's history and how Big Al acquired it. We had PLENTY of beer to see us through the tour (which I've listed below) and I learned a lot about their process and about how Big Al came to be. Micah Sims: Best Tour Giver EVA! Hopefully I have the details right on Little Al (pictured to the right) but it was their first brewing setup, later replaced by Big Al when they moved into the new building. I believe Little Al was originally used in a garage and still used to brew test batches or very limited releases.

    During the tour we enjoyed: Harvest Ale (one of my all time fave beers), Brougham Bitter, Papa Charles Pale Ale, Smoked Porter (sorry guys, still just can't get into smoked ales. Still kinda tasted like I licked a fireplace, but up until that point, it was the most palatable smoked beer I've tried!), Abbey Wheat & some sour mash (which is something you add to beer to make it sour. MGD quote: "Straight up, it was hard to take." hee hee). Yuppers, that last one hurt my face; but in a good way.

    Towards the end of the tour, (Big) Al Brown himself stopped by to say hello. Many people in the beer biz that I've met have described Al as one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Totally not a lie. So gracious and genuine, a great person to take Big Al Brewing in amazing directions. You rock dude!

    Big Al was serving up the goods at the opening of The Barbershop in Belltown after our tour. We loved them so much (and weren't done or the day. Are we EVER done for the day?) we decided to hit up some dindin at a place called Assaggio before heading over to hang out more. Hanging out in my new Big Al work shirt in a fine dining restaurant, why not? :) Assaggio was even kind enough to put parchment paper over the table for... coloring?! I think yes. Good thing I brought my own fuchsia sharpie as they didn't provide any other artistic instruments. This is part of my personality dysfunctional where I understand there are rules and things we should and shouldn't do. With that being said... if I feel there is something I want to do, that supersedes such rules; I will. 'Cause I do what I want. :) Shocking, I know. At Assaggio MGD had a Dick's Danger Ale and I had a pricey glass of Dimitri Pinot Noir, which tasted nothing like Pinot Noir. Super sad face, since it's my fave.

    The Barbershop was a fun time. More yummy Big Al brew to partake in, antique growlers, radios &  barber tools to drool over. Plus an authentic barber shop chair to chillax in. Good times!

    Over the last few months, I have gotten to know the guys at Big Al a bit through various online endeavors & beer related events. It's been 100% my pleasure. Much can be said about the awesomeness and individuality of the people running the company but the product doesn't lie. Great people making great beer through quality and innovation. Please keep doing what you're doing in the special Big way you do it.

    Check out some of the Rate Beer reviews on Big Al's beer done by MGD:
    Big Al Sourlicious
    5 Star Chili IPA
    Belgian IPA


    If you are attending Winter Beer Fest the weekend of December 10th & 11th, Big Al will be serving up the following ales. Most certainly with a smile:
    Winter Warmer
    Belgian Tripel
    Peanut Butter Imperial Stout

    You have found a special place in this liBEERian's heart of hearts.

    the pissed liBEERian

    Always a photo opportunity to be found. Forget keg stands, let's try some keg laying.

    Photography & Editing by MGD. The real MGD.

    Monday, December 6, 2010

    Hot Hoppenings This Week

    Here's the line up of this weeks goodness, hope to see a bunch of you kids out there livin' it up!

    Mon. Dec. 6th - Parkway Tavern is Randalling Lagunitas Brown Shugga w/ cascade hops, rum soaked oak chips & cinnamon sticks. Yay! 6p

    Wed. Dec. 8th - Parkway Brewers Night featuring Full Sail ales. 6-9p SWAG!

    Thurs. Dec. 9th - Holiday Beer Tasting @ Harmon Brewery

    Fri. Dec. 10th - Winter Beer Fest @ Hale's Palladium 5:30-9:30p

    Sat. Dec. 11th - Mooooore Winter Beer Fest @ Hale's Palladium (12-4p) & even moooooore Winter Beer Fest @ Hale's Palladium (5:30-9:3p) Chocolate & Nut tastings and a FREAKING gift shop. Just sayin'!

    Top 'O da Week to Ya
    the pissed liBEERian

    My hand crafted "I <3 Schooner Exact" cupcakes.

    Saturday, December 4, 2010

    Who knew that beer could be so ADVENTageous?

    'Twas cruising the interwebs the other day and came across a cool concept. The Beer Advent Calendar. I'm hoping you all know what an advent calendar is (the nadvent version seems like a viable option for some years...), but if not let me fill ya in. Usually comes in the form of a cardboard thingy with little flaps/doors that you open every day. Beginning on December 1st and counting down the days to the Big One. You know, Christmas. Chocolate & toys are usually found behind each door.

    Constructing an advent calendar to fit beer bottles would be a lofty mission (I'm thinking 2x4's + table saw = something remotely resembling a huge wooden tree with cubby holes) and I'm 4 days too late at this point. I can still commit to drinking a beer every day until the 25th though!!

     I will keep updating as I make my way through December but here is what I've accomplished so far...

    12/1 - H.U.B. Rise-Up Red @ Parkway Tavern
    12/2 - Sierra/Dogfish Head Life and Limb collaboration stout @ Brouwers Cafe BigWood event
    12/3 - Full Sail Red Label Session @ home (Christmas related side note: while watching Love Actually while decorating my house with holiday cheer)

    'Tis the season 'n stuff.
    the pissed liBEERian

    Friday, December 3, 2010

    HUBba HUBba

    Not only are Wednesdays Hump Day (nationally recognized, loved & acted on...), but they are typically a night where Parkway features a brewer or brewery. Which ='s us going out and enjoying lots of ale and winning lots of swag. This go around we got a t-shirt and pint glass. Ska-oar!!!! Winna winna chicken dinna.

    Anyways... smallish crowd for a Brewers Night but the quality of the libations poured was above & beyond. Little did I know that when I stated earlier that day, "Hey, MGD! You have nothing better to do, I need some limited edition DFHead Squall IPA. Please drive to 99 Bottles and acquire some for our happy little unit before you pick me up from zee Berry and take me to Parkway", that he would, by default on my errand, end up attending a H.U.B. tasting.

    Not only did he get to meet Jaime Rodriquez (a H.U.B. brewer and all-around cool cat) in addition to several other H.U.B. peeps; he sampled the Crosstown Pale, Survival "Seven-Grain" Stout, Rise-Up Red & Abominable Winter Ale. Lucky fuck. I'm a lucky fuck-ette tho, we have new additions to our beer supply (we were TOTALLY running low). Everyone wins that game!

    At the Parkway we sampled the Organic Hopworks IPA, Crosstown Pale, Pig War San Juan Imperial IPA, Rise-Up Red Ale. It was uh-maze-ink. All in all it was a great time hanging out with friends, enjoying some pints and talking beer. Thnx boys, you know who you are!


    Since MGD & myself can do nothing simple or remotely half-assed... we decided to hit up the Harmon Tap Room after Parkway. Pumpkin Blonde & Medieval Madness pinball were calling our names. $6 dollars worth of pinball and hostile competition... priceless when it comes with a few conspiratorial butt pats. Arcade game freaks... right here! 

    Guess what... still not done. Had to have 2nd supper like some hobbit freaks so we headed to Puget Sound Pizza for some pie, pints & peoplesingingbadly (karaoke). The high point of that stop was getting Thursdays "The Stranger" at 11p on WEDNESDAY!!! and sucking down some Lagunitas Brown Shugga & Maritime Jolly Roger. Okay... the pesto artichoke pizza by Hippie John wasn't too shabby either. However... I still haven't come across an ad in the "I Saw You" section of the stranger that obviously depicts me. I'm W-A-I-T-I-N-G. It will happen.

    That's about it... had a great but long night. SOP for these kids, thanks for those who were a part of it. Even on a school night...

    Cheers, clink, blahblahblah...

    the pissed liBEERian

    Madness... No. This is PINBALL!!!!

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