Monday, February 28, 2011

All hail the mighty Odin Brewing Company (take a knee bitches!)

In all honesty, I visited the Odin Brewery waaaaaay too long ago. It almost feels like I need to go again simply to justify putting this blog out at such a random ass time. Like another trip would be such a hardship on me and my liver... However, Odin Brewing Company has exciting news on the horizon which prompts me to get my effing act together and give you a bit of an Odin FYI.

We first met Dan & the Odin crew at the Tacoma Craft Beer Festival in early October 2010. Their Smoky Bacon Ale was a big hit with the festival goers and I spent the better part of half an hour trying to talk Dan out of his Odin Glitter Tee. It was clear that Dan was wearing 2 t-shirts soooooo, logic being what it is in my world, why wouldn't he give me one? Being the nice guy that he is, Dan promised me a free one if I stopped by the brewery for a visit. Sold. Off I gallop to Odin on my own personal Sleipni, the Jetta.

The Odin tasting room consists of an eclectic mix of artwork that features 'Odin' in random ways and the furniture is said to be mostly anything Dan's in-laws were considering throwing on their front lawn with a 'FREE TO TAKE' sign attached. It feels like a mix between a rummage sale (minus the price tags) and a man cave, all the while being completely comfy and a great place to chill with a pint. Added bonus: When I decided it was time to dump my full tasting glass all over myself, I didn't feel all that bad about getting some on the couch.

Hanging out with Al (Big Al), Heather (Schooner Exact), & Dan (Odin) @ Jillian's in Seattle.
Odin Beers I've Lovingly Ingested During My Visit & All Over Tarnation (ie Seattle & Tacoma):
(holy fucking Thorballs, this ale is amazing! A sour stout, cha!)
(I had to bend my digestive morality & at least taste it... shuddup)
Odin's Pearl White Ale

Over a few tastes of what Odin had on tap, we chatted Dan up about how he got into the beer business. Originally a Canuckistanian, he previously worked at a Major who shall remain unmentioned but who's name resembles that of my #1 Minion. I knew there was something a bit off about him... With the desire to make unique beer with new twists, Dan felt he had to leave a major corporation to do so. Bypassing the whole home brewer stage that many begin with, Dan started Odin Brewing Company with 4 employees and is doing just that.

So, for the most totally excellent news on the horizon I promised to deliver (unlike Digiorno). Odin has started bottling their beer! In early February, the first shipment went north to Bellingham (WTF guys!) and the Seattle area should being seeing Odin bottles on the shelves by March. I thought the ever trendy and popular Smoky Bacon Ale would be their first choice to hit bottledom but Odin's gonna be pumping out the Ruby (one of my mouth's all time faves!!!) and the Kolsch at this time. Keep your eyes peeled, their beer is not something you want to pass up.

Odin & crew have a great attitude, solid business plan, excellent vision and cool used furniture; even with only having one eye and a duo of seeing-eye wolves to get by... I think they'll be going far and I'm happy to be right thur, drinkin' der beers as they do it.

Click here if you'd like to learn more about Dan's hair than someone who isn't his wife or hair stylist should ever know. Their website has had quite the makeover since I visited it last so seriously, check it out.

Glitter T's acquired! Dan gave me a freebie & MGD won his @ Jillians. Dan thoroughly tried to convince me the night this picture was taken that the girl shirts run small for a reason... hmmmmm.
the pissed liBEERian

Photo credits to MGD
& mutual editing credits to MGD and myself when I had to re-edit his editing. <3

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beveridge Place Pub Barleywine Bacchanal (2/25 thru 3/5)

I've been deeply entrenched in the craft beer scene since July 2010. During the last 7 months I've had many a barley wine pass my lips. However, we are now slowly transitioning into my first barley wine season and I'm stoked. Parkway will be hosting their annual Barley Wine Fest on April 30th, which I'm really looking forward to as I hear it's awesome. 

And starting this Friday @ 2p (through March 5th) Beveridge Place Pub will be dedicating 24 (twenty-effing-four!) taps to the Wine o' zee Barley.

Here's the lineup (I've highlighted what I am excited to try 'cause I know you care):
Alaskan Barleywine '07, '08, '09
Anacortes Old Sebastes '08, '09, '10
Anchor Old Foghorn '08
Anderson Valley Horn of the Beer '09
Avery Hog Heaven '10
Boulder Killer Penguin '09
Boundary Bay Old Bounder '10
Deschutes Mirror Mirror '09
Diamond Knot Icebreaker '10
Dick's Barleywine '10
Elliott Bay Old Portside '09
Elysian Cyclops '08
Fish 10 Squared '09, '10
Flying Dog Horndog '09
Full Sail Old Boardhead '08
Great Divide Old Ruffian '10,
Hale's Rudyard's Rare '10
Hopworks Urban Brewery Noggin Floggin '09
Hood Canal Breidablik '10
J.W. Lees Harvest Ale (firkin) '09
Lagunitas Old Gnarleywine '09
Left Hand Oak Aged Widdershins '10
Lost Abbey Angels Share ''10,
Lucky Lab Old Yeller '09
Mad River John Barleycorn '07
North Coast Old Stock '08, '09
Pike Old Bawdy '07, '08, '09, '10
Port Townsend '07
Scuttlebutt Old #1  '09
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot '09
Sierra Nevada Black Barleywine '10
Speakeasy Old Godfather '09
Stone Old Guardian '07, '08, '09
Three Skulls Wreckage '09
Victory Old Horizontal '10

In addition to the massive assortment of Barley Wine's featured, Beveridge Place will still have 8 handles devoted to 'normal' brews for the timid (and WEAK!) or in case your mouth hole needs a break. Also, don't miss these special nights during the event: 
Sun, Feb 27 - Vertical I   
Three years worth of brew from Alaskan & Anacortes 
Mon, Feb 28 - Vertical II   
Three years worth of brew from Pike & Stone
Tue, Mar 1 - Party like its 2007!  
Several 2007 vintage barleywines that will never be available again!

 Regardless of how many barleywines I end up tasting during the BPP Bacchanal, my life and soul will still not be complete until I have tried a McGuires I'll Have What the Gentleman on the Floor is Having Barley Wine. 

Funniest. Name. Ever.

Sleeping bag, toothbrush & mixed company appropriate sleepwear are all packed in anticipation of the super high ABVs doing what they were meant to...

the pissed liBEERian 

Barleywines are strong and may lead to a clothing optional status. Therefore I submit the picture above...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Share-A-Beer Potluck Round #3... ding ding ding - Fight!

Share-A-Beer Potluck #3 (taking place at Tacoma's very own Amocat Cafe) was a huge success on Saturday, February 12th. We had a decent turn out and more beer than we could possibly drink of course! As my 2 lovely minions (M1=MGD & M1.5=Basil) were having way too much fun and took nary a picture of the event, here are some photos of past Amocat Beer Potlucks to give you an idea of the lavish spread that occurs when beer bloggers, beer drinkers, beer brewers & beer lovers combine their forces for good:

Beers of mouth-holed noteworthiness that I tried...

  • Big Al's Nut Warmer/Winter Warmer blend (growler we got from tour last wknd, total group favorite with it's subtle PB flavors. Went great with doughnuts and chocolate flavored potato chips)
  • Slip Point Spicy Fish Wife (had a lingering spicy taste of infused jalapeno flavor, fun to taste but a pint would be overkill. We had jalapeno chips to pair it with which brought out the flavors nicely)
  • Goose Island Pere Jacques 
  • Epic Ales The Fuj (an ale made with black & white peppercorns)
  • Ninkasi ReNewAle Irish Red Ale (Basil would like it noted that there is a four leaf clover on the label NOT a shamrock)
  • Russian River Pliny the Elder (because what beer party is complete without someone bustin' out a Pliny)
  • Dogfish Head Festina Peche (cue a 30min discussion about the 120min IPA incident with Metropolitan Market in Tacoma)
  • Three Skulls Buccaneer Bacon Lager
  • Hite! (honorable mention since it wasn't opened but we've been saying HITE!! for weeks just because it's fun)
  • Midnight Sun Panty Peeler
  • Great Divide Grand Cru
  • Boulevard Harvest Dance Wheat Wine

Among the random collective of people representin' at Amocat, we were blessed with the presence of the Wingman Brewers crew. Sad for ya if you haven't heard about Tacoma's up and coming brewery of awesomeness. Check out the recent write up on Wingman by the Tacoma News Tribune.Word is that they are hoping to be 'officially' open within the next couple weeks. I'm crossing my fingers and everything else that it's sooner than later. Besides making beer, they are a really fun group to hang out with.

Cheers to a 'special' ending to a special evening,
the pissed liBEERian

Photo contributions by The RealMGD & my HLP (heterosexual life partner) Rebecca Scott
Beer Ratings by TheRealMGD

Friday, February 18, 2011

Parkway delivered!! And it's a...

...another amazing brewers night! Of the New Belgium varietal this time. What were you hoping for... a boy? A girl?

The following New Belgium options were on the lineup for our enjoyment, the ones I tasted are in bold:
  • Dunkelweiss (cue the tutoring session on dunkels... can't remember how many minutes passed before I started tuning out but I think I learned something)
  • Le Fleur Misseur (which got us all speaking with a froggy accent for a half minute after reading the title)
  • Vrienden (a collaborative brew with Allagash, means 'friends' in Flemish. DELICIOUS!)
  • Trippel
  • Abbey
  • Ranger IPA
  • Trip VII Winter Here, Summer There
  • Fat Tire Firkin 
Missing in action were the Fall Wild & Trip VI Fresh Hop. I only did a tiny pout for Parkway Sean since those were my 3rd & 4th choices of the night. Being the nice guy that he is, he gave me a new list with both options crossed off so I would stop asking for them repeatedly.
A tasty little spread!
My top picks for the night were the firkin'd Fat Tire and Vrienden Ale. The Vrienden Ale is very balanced with the perfect amount of dry, sour finish. Very sessionable, I could enjoy a few without having my mouth go into a perma-pucker. Brewed with endive and hibiscus, a lovely ruby color & floral bouquet. I really loved it. Plus I can officially add 'Tasting a Fat Tire on Firkin' to my Bucket List (& cross it right off) because I know my life (& soul) are more complete for having tried it. You have not had Fat Tire until you've had it from a firkin. It's ridiculous.

The Trip VII Winter Here, Summer There was delicious as well. One of my minions in training (also an avid home brewer and Black IPA lova) enjoyed it immensely and enjoyed a nice slap in the head from me when he got a hop leaf in his mouth and spit it out onto the floor. He has obviously not been schooled in the art of ghetto laminating dried hop leaves. I guess certain allowances must be made for those who haven't gone through their full training... sigh.

As usual, the schwag saga continues with a winning ticket for all three rounds. I won 2 Ranger IPA pint glasses, a super sweet New Belgium T-shirt (which I let TPG3 pick out for herself since she was awesome and arrived at Parkway early to get us the good spot I instructed her to), and the grand prize of a Patagonia embroidered New Belgium messenger bag. I didn't realize how nice the bag was until everyone back in my little corner of the tavern got super upset at my ignorance (& 3rd win) and excitement over winning it with my '253' ticket. Hahahaha, suck it bitches! Not to mention my unbridled, genuine, enthusiastic, sound-barrier-breaking yell of 'RIGHT HERE, WINNER!!!!!' every time my number was called. Like I can contain that? Guess I now know why Basil (Minion Edition 1.5) lovingly told me I really don't need a megaphone when I told her I wanted one.

Seat belt strap, cha!
As I left Parkway for the night, I had so much stuff to carry out that I 'accidentally' bumped into a few people. Since I'm a super polite gurl, I felt the need to throw out a 'sorry, pardon my winnings!' and 'oops, did my new bag bump you?' It was a grand evening with a ton of laughs, awesome ales, chats about Teen fiction and beer. Basically a Pissed LiBEERian night made in heaven. Also planned out my next road trip to a few 'must visit' breweries in Bend & PDX.

Stay tuned for more awesome stuff coming to Parkway! They have a host of brewers nights coming up in the next few months and Odin's Freya's Kolsch ale will be on tap soon. Plus... an amazing lineup of Russian River beers will be showing up at an undisclosed date/time. Think all kinds of lovely sours, the Elder & the Younger.

Hardly considered dry and a sour finish you couldn't dream of handling,
the pissed liBEERian

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A heart full of Tap Night

 Celebrate your love (of beer!) this Valentine's Day by doing a Tap Night Tacoma pub crawl. This beautiful event takes place on the 2nd Monday of every month. Casks of the following beers will be tapped at the following locations in The 253 (feel free to just read the poster if you are too lazy to read the words that are coming out of my fingers):

  • The Red Hot -Maritime Pacific Islander Dry-Hop Pale
  • Parkway Tavern - Big Al Brewing Hop Villain Black IPA
  • Doyle's - Greene King Abbot Ale
  • The Swiss - Diamond Knot Industrial XIPA
  • Engine House #9 - E9 Chocolate Stout

All casks are tapped at 6p sharp and last until the beer runs out! 
Cheers Big Ears!

taptaptappin' on heavens door,
the pissed liBEERian

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love is in the air... or at least something smells in Tacoma.

I really need to start learning how to write things down in pencil. My poor day planner has about a 1/2 inch thick of white-out because of my ever changing, ale related plans. Thought it best to inform you of the crazy amount of fun stuff coming up for the days, weekend and beyond...

Tuesday 8th - Goldfish races at the Harmon Tap Room (8:30p, Tacoma) I hope for your sake that the Vanilla Porter is still on tap because it was darn loverly in my mouth hole last week.
Wednesday 9th - Brewers Night @ the Red Hot featuring Firestone Walker (6p, Tacoma) Sure to be bountiful schwag and copious amounts of swallowing. At least for me, I'm not a spitter.

Thursday 10th - The Nosh League of Tacoma will be hosting a wine/beer/chocolate pairing (Chocolate Lovers Unite!) at Beyond the Bridge Cafe this evening (6:30-9:30p, Tacoma) or if you feel like making the trek to Seattle, Pike Brewing is having their 3rd Annual Chocofest. Dubbed as a 'romantic evening of chocolate, beer, mead, wine and spirits'. Admission is $25, click here for more details. (5:30-9p, Seattle) I'll be attending the Chocofest but if I could be in 2 places at once this evening, I would. 

Friday 11th - IDK what y'all have planned for this Friday but after I get my tires replaced (stupidrunningoversomethingbigandmetalandstupidattwointhemorningonSundayonthefreeway) I'm hoping to FINALLY get my booty out to the 7 Seas Brewing tasting room in Gig Harbor for a tour and a proper pint or two. (3-9p on Fridays, Gig Harbor)

Saturday 12th - If you are a member of the Tacoma Beer Appreciation Society then you already know about the private Beer Drinkers/Makers Meeting (beer potluck) that's going down. Gonna do my best to stop by Amocat Cafe for some tasting. (7:30p-11p, Tacoma)

Sunday 13th - Anti/Valentine's Day Artist Craft Fair is being put on by Tacoma Is For Lovers at King's Books and has my name written all over it. With a Sharpie. A fat one. In fuchsia. (11a-4p, Tacoma) After I've shopped my little anti-Valentine heart out, I'll be hitting up Metronome Coffee for another rousing meeting of the Literature and Libations book group. (3-6p, Tacoma) We drink (coffee & beer), we read, we repeat every few weeks.

Monday 14th - Happy Valentine's Day! Now go participate in Tap Night Tacoma, I'll give you 5 reasons why you should. Engine House 9, The Swiss, Doyle's Public House, The Red Hot & Parkway Tavern. Oh and Big Al's newest brew, the Hop Villain Black IPA will be at Parkway Tavern. There... I gave you 6 reasons, so just do what I say. Kthnxbai. (6p, Tacoma) I stopped by Big Al Brewery last weekend to get a special tour, ala Micah Sims, and he let us try the Hop Villain Black IPA. Unless of course that was one of the 'Don't tell Big Al I let you have some of this and drink it quick because he'll be back any minute' beers... then I, uh, have no idea what I'm talking about. P.S. It was delicious, can't wait to have more!!!

Wednesday 16th- Brewers night at Parkway Tavern featuring New Belgium. (6-9p, Tacoma) I don't need to be told twice ('cause you're not the boss of me) so don't make me tell you twice either.

Hope you find yourself at one or many of these events, there is just too much fun to be had...
the pissed liBEERian

My heart doth beat for thee...

Please don't get me started on Valentines Day. Well... I did just write the two words that are largely feared (when put together in a sentence) by men around the nation so now I've kind of set myself up (and your lovely eyes) for a soapbox moment. Bullshit. Hallmark. Holiday. Obligations and expectations run high as we approach the 14th of February, with many a male ending up in the dog house for little to no reason, IMHO. Don't get me wrong, I love how everything comes in red & pink and there are hearts as far as the eye can see. I'm almost 30 yet still buy boxed valentines (Hello Kitteh!) to be handed out to my coworkers and friends. Yet in my heart of hearts, I do not get the point of a holiday that is forced upon everyone, (and usually has little to no relevance within the personal relationship between two lovers) making them express their love and devotion in such a lemming like way. How special or romantic could that possibly be?

I've been blessed with relationships (current one included) where I'm spoiled rotten and treated like a queen all the time, and not just for the obligatory handful of holidays on the calendar. If I was spending my time and energy on a man who never did anything randomly sweet and thoughtful for me, I might put a lot more emphasis on Valentine's Day... true.
  • You never hold my hand when we walk... I'd like 1 dozen roses on 2/14 please.
  • You never open car doors for me... that will be a box o' chocolates big fella.
  • You've never looked into my eyes after a lovely evening out (thank you, 1022) and told me that my face was magic... I prefer emeralds over sapphires sweetie, kthnxbai.

How sincere can a gesture be when it is socially expected and therefore obligatory? My thoughts on V-Day don't change anything, the world will go right along celebrating their love in one massive heart bubble orgy. However, maybe it's time to take some pressure off the men folk to make things uber special for their lady? Females do not have the monopoly on being unappreciated, guys rarely get kudos for all the stuff they do.

So instead of eating your way through an overpriced dinner in a crowded restaurant full of other couples making googly eyes at each other this Valentines Day, go experience Tap Night Tacoma with your honey. Offer to drive your way around to the different locations and live up the good ales that are sure to be had.

 You may love boxes of chocolates, but you can be sure any dude will appreciate some Beercandy Caramels! Buy some fun ales to pair with these treats and make a private beer fest for two. I've never had one go wrong, PBF's are where it's at.

As women, we love it when a guy is all clean shaven and smelling delicious. Like when you can't keep your nose away from them or your mouth hole off of them? Yeah... like that. Members of the pork sword society like to be pampered just as much as we do, so why not go with an awesome old school shaving kit that includes some stout soap.

Celebrate your Valentine a few days early at the Pike Brewing Chocofest, happening on Thursday the 10th this year. Beer and chocolate pairing, followed by a fun romp around the 206... pretty sure everyone wins that game!

No more whinging about the lack of housework help! If you want to pull the old 'I wash, you dry?' line after dinner... give him accessories to ensure he'll always get excited about it! And yeah... I want those towels for myself.

These are just some fun ideas I stumbled upon for this Valentines Day, whether you celebrate it or not. Everyone needs to feel appreciated and special to the person in their life. I just hope you all make a point to do it on a regular basis, not when the rest of the world tells you to.

in my heart of hearts, i know you to be the best thing that's ever been mine...
the pissed liBEERian

Monday, February 7, 2011

Festival of the Beer... the Winter WABL version.

Winter Beer Fest @ Hale's Palladium
December 10th & 11th

 Seems like I'm approximately 2 months over due on this post, liBEERian fines equaling no less than 1 million dollhairs! I'm always a bit late. If I came early or was on time, you wouldn't know what to do with me. Considering all the lovely events MGD & I have attended, I think we got this one right. See formula below (do not attempt to calculate or duplicate without the supervision of a trained professional):

1 Friday session + 1 hotel room for 2 nights + the presence of my only (& therefore my favorite) sibling who newly moved back to WA sate + 2 Saturday sessions + midday break @ Kate's Pub + closing the place down after all attendees have vacated + one trip to the super elite brewer's green room + 1 keg of Schooner Exact Schoon Light (hmmmmm...) + a suicidal Boundary Bay Santa + Theo chocolate in flavors of curry & coconut + over 70 beers to choose from + a session on the rocky 7 Seas that is Santa's lap + some of the hottest hotel nooky I've ever partaken in (which is TOTALLY what I asked Santa for!) ='s An Amazingly Great Weekend & Festival in the Big (overdue) Book of the Pissed LiBEERian.

Travis Guterson rockin' a winter onesie
 This may be the first time I truly felt the (minuscule amount of) celebrityness that my blog has generated. It's nice to come in and know a good chunk of the brewers and discuss the fun ales they have planned. I mean who doesn't like the 7 Seas guys dressed as Santa or sporting an adult onesie? (Travis... only YOU could pull that look off) Head swells further as fellow beer blogger Mike Besser ( comes up to introduce himself and tell me how much he enjoys my mad awesome writing skillage (my words, not his). Now practically at the point of having to wipe brain & skull matter off my fellow event goers as my head gets to the exploding point of swollen, as WABL member & home brewer, Brandon Horn, comes up to say hello and ask if I'm the pissed liBEERian. Why yes in fact, I am! (He was also instrumental in hooking us up with some super special WABL brew, the Holiday Knickerdropper. Served in both whiskey & sherry casks. Delicious!!)

Yeah... wow. I'm still trying to not be shocked when people come up to me in both Tacoma and Seattle because they recognize me from the blog. Still wigs me out because I feel like I'm supposed to know them back, yet it's always ridiculously flattering and blushworthy. I'm kind of a big deal. Which makes MGD a bit of a big deal. Hahahaha. So you reader people out there? Thanks a heaping tun of mash for making me feel so special in a non short bus kind of way. :) Best compliment I got this week on the Book of the Face: "Dang! I just read your blog... wow, awesome read! You're like all beer-famous and stuff yo!" Epic.

Beers of Noteworthiness from 35 WA Breweries (basically the awesome ales we gave 3 out of 3 stars amongst our collective group):

Alex from Airways

 7 Seas Brewing - Port Royal Export Style Stout & Saison
Airways Brewing - Sky Hag IPA (Hot Chocolate Ale pretty tasty as well. Brewer Alex told me he made the Widebody Blonde in honor of me, which might have been a compliment about my curvature, but all I could laser focus on was 'Is that a fat joke dude?' )
Big Al - Peanut Butter Imperial Stout (PB does truly fill the cracks in the heart, glad they had an extra keg for the 2nd session!)
Big Time Brewing - Holy Mole Chocolate-Chile Ale (molemolemolemole)
Diamond Knot Brewing - Aged Belgian Blonde Ho Ho Ho
Elysian Brewing - Bifrost Winter Ale
Hale's Ales Brewery - Supergoose (a bigger version of their Mongoose IPA)
Silver City Brewery - Imperial Stout
Snipes Mountain Brewery - Pumpkin Death, 2 Fresh IPA, Zombie Killer, Sour Pumpkin (secret blend a lot of brewers kept coming back for so we hopped on that band wagon)
Two Beers - Cask Conditioned Jive Espresso Stout, Double Dry-Hopped Infused Evo, 20:20 Blonde (so yeah... basically everything they brought was beyond consumable)

And surely not to be overlooked, the official debut of Schooner Exact's Profanity Hill Porter and (squee!) their Midnight Union Raspberry Brown Ale. The Profanity Hill Porter was very nice but Midnight Union, seriously? Like I'm gonna stop spending my  wooden festival money on that at any point. Delicious raspberry dark roasted malty goodness for me... sigh. Later on in the night, owner and brewer of SE Matt McClung told me that they made this beer for me (undoubtedly because of my ongoing obsession and promotion of their Seamstress Union Raspberry Wheat Ale). I'm pretty sure he was a bit inebriated and possibly lying to me, but I'm totally okay with that.


always willing and ready to mix it up in the Pd, atomic # 46...
the pissed liBEERian

Photography works of amazingness and general 'do you even know how to spell (editing)?' by the wonderful MGD

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