Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Varsity Grill Ice, Ice Block Party

I don't always know what my plans will entail as the weekend approaches but last Friday I found myself at the Varsity Grill Ice Block Party. This shindig was held outside in the elements and therefore meant for only the most dedicated of January beer drinkers (it being a chilly January evening and all), as well as whomever came a stumblin' down Broadway and found the $15 entry fee to be a fair deal for all that VG was serving up.
Norm from Deschutes

                Contenders of the Evening

Deschutes Red Chair Pale Ale (Talked with Norm Cartwright for a hot minute about all kinds of Deschutes-y goodness including their money maker of a wishing well at the PDX 'branch'. Oh and BTW, Red Chair is DEELISHUS!)
Big Al's Winter Warmer
New Belgium 2' Below & Blue Paddle (New Belgium rock because a) they just do and b) they gave me New Belgium chap stick)
Doug from Sierra Nevada
Alaskan Winter
Dick's Winter Ale
Bridgeport Ebenezer Ale
Red Hook Winter Hook
Sierra Nevada Celebration (gleaned some great info from Doug Willson on SN forming a partnership with the Trappist-Cistercian Abbey of New Clairvaux to create the only authentic Trappist-style Abbey ales in America. Click here for more uber awesome info on that whole dealy but basically just get excited cause Monks be makin' your ale!)

Although this was a small event hosting just 8 breweries, I have to say that Varsity Grill nailed this one. Like... epically nailed it. Lemme tell you why, in the very articulate and concise way that I tell things:

The event area was separated into two spaces. One side had a buffet set up of make your own chili, nachos & baked potatoes along with tall tables to eat, drink & converse at. The other side was a U shaped section for the brewers and their beer. Things got a bit cramped on that side because beer tends to be more popular than food, but I thought they did the layout perfectly.

The area was covered by tents and heat lamps were sprinkled throughout. Being outside on a cold & damp evening after being sick all week IN addition to being a chick (I have a va-jay-jay therefore I am freezing all the time for no discernible reason), these amenities were MUCH appreciated.

There was an ice sculpture. Lit up with red lights. Just sayin'.And no, I didn't lick it. But I totally thought about it.

Cost of entry fee ='s great value. 10 beer tickets (one to try each brew) and as much (delicious) food as you want. Also a prize drawing (which I assisted in by using my awesome powers of name reading and MGD's key chain flashlight) where they gave away a ton of surprisingly awesome prizes including concert tickets, gift cards & growlers. And that was in addition to the crazy amount of schwag that the brewers brought.

Which brings me to my last and final point to point out... (don't worry, I never actually have a final point)

Big Al, Micah & I
Cyclops Big Al Beer Bubble
The ratio of schwag to the size of the event was ridiculous. As in good ridiculous. As in even I-the-girl-who-wins-something-at-every-event-I-attend was impressed. Each brewer brought loads of stickers, beer mats, temporary tattoos (thanks Big Al, you know how this girl likes it!), buttons, posters, chap stick (yes, I said fucking chap stick. cha!) & a whole host of other randomness. In addition to our memories of the evening, we walked away with 2 shirts & a Fat Tire Frisbee that was used in a rousing game of Jetta vs. Rental Truck Frisbee down Bridgeport. I still don't know who won, but I'll put a few beer tokens on the Jetta.

Despite a little memory card snafu at the beginning of the night (can't take blog related pictures to justify our media passes without one...) causing MGD to drive all 'round downtown T-Town trying to find one and therefore leaving me to my own devices for almost a whole hour (very scary); it was a grand old time. Which we followed up by attending the Peanut Butter Space Jam art show, hit up PSP for some Karaoke & a trip to the Crownbar for some yummy dinner because by about midnight, you haven't seen cranky until you've seen me hungry.

Nicely done Varsity Grill, looking forward to next year already.

Ice this baby,
the pissed liBEERian

Photos & editing - MGD
Amazing amount of talent in blogging & attending events - ME!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's gonna be a fun one! Here's some happenings for January

Still in recovery-esque mode after being sick for all of last week (and in case you are wondering, I still have a lingering super sexy death rattle cough). Managed to suck it up (like a cupcake) in order to attend Schooner Exact's 4th Anniversary party on Thursday, the Varsity Grill Ice Block Party on Friday  & Belgianfest over the weekend. I now bring you the upcoming events of this week that seem like good fun and I will most likely be inflicting on myself if I can find the time and energy.

Portland's Hopworks Urban Brewery's brewer (& badass) Jaime Rodriguez, will be making the rounds in the 206 (Seattle) & hopefully the 253 (Tacoma) later in the week. Tentative schedule included in the dates listed below. Info will be added when his tasting schedule is finalized. (that sounded kinda dirty and I like it, I want a finalized tasting schedule!) Don't miss out on their crazy good beer!

Wednesday 26th - H.U.B. tasting at Chuck's 85th St. Market in Seattle from 5-8p (Lineup - Organic IPA, Survival Stout, Session Black IPA, DOA and Pale Ale) & then H.U.B. will move onto Uber Tavern from 8:30p on... It's also Chuckanut Brewing night @ The Dog & Pony in Renton. Just visited the Dog & Pony on Sunday for the first time. We caught the tail end of the playoff games, enjoyed the view of their full sized Christmas Story leg lamp and sucked down a few delicious pints of Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA and Gordon Double Red. Highest of the High on my recommend list,  can't wait to go back.

Thursday 27th - H.U.B. tasting at Malt & Vine from 5:30-7:30p in Redmond & then at 8:30 H.U.B. will be doing a Brewers Night @ The Noble Fir.

Fri/Sat/Sun - The much anticipated STRANGE BREWFEST 2011! Detailsdetailsdetails:
  • Friday kicks things off with a Meet & Greet Party at 7pm featuring live music and firkins.
  • Saturday the fun starts at 1pm and lasts until Midnight (breweries will be serving until 9pm)
  • Sunday starts at 1pm and will be goin' strong until 7pm

 Tickets are $25 for entry all weekend and can be purchased here. I've heard nothing but awesome reviews in regards to this festival and I am stoked to attend it for the first time. Not sure what MGD & I were thinking by waiting til the week of to look into accommodations, so now we are scrambling to find a place to stay.

Sleeping in the Jetta is not a viable option, regardless if the trunk can feasibly fit 10-12 dead bodies. We aren't teenagers anymore, we need real beds with lotsa space. One way or another, we'll be there. They have fire dancers, hula hooping and a costume contest I plan to win. Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Doing my part to keep Tacoma strange,
the pissed liBEERian

Saturday, January 22, 2011

When snow bunnies sing birthday songs.

Act I. Scene 27. Zoom in on a king sized bed with 4-6 pillows (mostly on my side, which is in the middle) and ample blankets. Tissues, throat lozenges & chapstick litter the night stands as a loving couple discuss their possible evening plans while an episode of Farscape Season 4 (2nd best sci-fi series EVA!) plays in the background.

Me: Why does fun stuff still exist when I'm sick?
MGD: Because due to the alarming & surprising news that the world, in fact, does NOT revolve around you (he lies!) events still take place whether or not you are able to grace everybody with your presence.
Me: That's dumb.
MGD: *shrugs shoulders* Suck it up, cupcake. (uh... that's MY line) And if you are still going to insist that your hair doesn't need washing for days on end when you are sick because being bed ridden actually gives your 'locks' body and volume, then at least put on this hat before we go out. You'll look cute, like a snow bunny.
Me: What's with bunnies anyways? I think our pillows are bunnies in fluffy down filled costumes because every time I get into bed, they multiply. Are they mating at an alarming rate without me noticing? Is there a low cost spay/neuter place where we can take the pillows to? It's freaking me out.
MGD: I added 2 more pillows because you always steal mine or end up sleeping diagonally across the bed. They are multi-purpose items now, serving as replacement pillows when I have none or can be used to fashion a makeshift bed on the floor.
Me: Well aren't we just the little problem solver, MacGyver? *sighs* It's so involved being me. I'll have you know that the only reason I'm dragging myself out of bed and putting on pants (putting on pants ='s changing into clothes that aren't pj's) is because when I am sick, the blog suffers. And it's TPG3's 28th birthday. And Schooner Exact"s Anniversary. And 99 Bottles' Anniversary. But I want a waffle first.

End Scene. Cue outfit change into something themey but low maintenance for the evening (cute black Schooner Exact t-shirt that matches my hair-of-uber-volume-covering-snow-bunny-beanie), tell the toaster to l'eggo my Eggo so I can put it in my mouth, and head up north to The 206.

I am not sure where I found the energy to do anything last night but I think I have adopted one of those mentalities where if I'm well enough to go to work, I'm well enough to have some fun. However, next time couple communication is a must prior to any activities. MGD was under the impression I had Friday off and therefore didn't need to get me home all Cinderella like on a Thursday evening. Wrong, work starts @ 9a sharp. After my 3rd coughing fit around 11p, we called it a night.

Okay. Right. Bet you want to know the scoop on what we actually DID last night? As that is what my blog is about. Doing stuff. Involving ales. Got it. Here we go.

Both Schooner Exact Brewing Company and 99 Bottles were hosting their 4th Anniversary (of AWESOME!) parties 'til 8p. We got a late start on the evening (Eggos need quality toaster time) and had to make a hard decision since we couldn't fit both events in. We mutually agreed to put our time into Schooner Exact because they have a super-dee-duper special place in our heart of hearts. See:

Had a chance to sit around chatting up the Schooner Exact crew in it's entirety (Matt & Heather, Mike, Sarah, Hutch & Kathy), drink some great ales new and old (Midnight Union, Profanity Hill Porter, 3 Grid IPA and the new staff collaboration named HOBO Brew), and have a grand ole time in general. As awesomeness tends to attract awesomeness, we also ran into John the owner of Tacoma's Parkway Tavern and fellow beer blogger Mike Besser (check out his blog yo! BrewDad) at this little soiree.

We also had pie (National Pie Day is Jan. 23rd and I'm having another piece then). And bought baby Schooner Exact juice glasses. And Brew Dad gave me an autographed copy of his beer rating book he's putting out, plus some udder swag. Score! Thanks Mike, you rock. And, in case you are wondering it's totally legit (grammatically speaking) to start sentences with the word 'and'. Jen Lancaster (my favorite writer) says so.

A collaborative SE painting of the Hoppy Holidays logo. Can you tell which tile is mine?

Once I realized that putting Alka Seltzer (of the flavorless and fizzless variety) in beer wasn't really gonna work out too well, we decided to head west to Beveridge Place Pub. My roomie and great fwend, TPG3, was celebrating her birthday there. We had to do her a solid and make an appearance. Although I am now officially on the BPP band wagon, I wish someone had told me sooner the BPP is where all the cool kids hang out. We've run into a number of industry peeps there and love it so much we stop by every Sunday. Brew Dad had mentioned to me at Schooner Exact, that we had just missed seeing Kendall & wifey Kim (of Washington Beer Blog). Low and behold, they were at BPP.

I love walking into an extremely crowded pub to magically hear my name being chanted to the likes of 'Hey, it's the pissed liBEERian!!!' Feeds the ego nicely for sure. However, I'm pretty sure what really happened is as follows:

I walked around oblivious to my surroundings while trying to find a place to lay down in my sickened state. As I pass Kim, she graciously touches my arm and says hello and chats me up a bit. She's so nice. During the 12m ride to BPP, coughing fit numero uno almost did me in. I mistakenly (read: stupidly. as it was not a mistake) threw my last Ricola at MGD in a fit of annoyance, and I cannot even recall the reason why (as if THAT matters).

I regretted this course of action immediately for two reasons. In my ginormous purse that could carry small countries along with the entire Redskins defensive line, I could not for the life of me scrounge up another throat aid. Fucked. If I wasn't overly medicated (and therefore didn't have my wits about me. If you caught that as a Braveheart reference, high five.) I would have been in funny mode and yelled 'Riiiiiiiiicolaaaaaaaaaaaaa, bitch' when I threw it his way. I hate it when I miss opportunities to be an ass. Totally Fucked.

At Beveridge, we ended up just chillin' in general for a hot minute while having a few laughs during their North Sound Brewers night. We ordered a Tree Hugger pizza from Zeeks (black olives on the side, as usual, because some people *coughmgdcough* don't know a good thing when it's put into their mouth-hole. sigh.), snagged some Snipes Mountain Brewery beer mats & shared a few pints of North Sound. Big R Imperial Red was very yummy and seemed like a hoppy red to me (I've been really enjoying reds and sours lately now that I've conquered the self proclaimed battle of 'I'mgoingtodrinkIPAsuntilIlikethemordietrying' and feel that I can branch out a bit now.) but my palate is a bit effed at the moment so what I think doesn't count. MGD had the Hop Chops IPA on cask, muy delicioso!

Went home pretty early from BPP because MGD can interpret my face and it was saying 'done' since I stopped eating & only finished half a beer. Clear and obvious signs. Glad I have someone to take care of me when I'm too 'meh' to figure it out for myself, although I feel bad about not being in party mode for my buddy's special day. The air pop popcorn maker I left in the kitchen this morning for her pwesent should make up nicely for that though.

We listened to nice music on the way home. And he told me I could sleep during the long and arduous journey. And he rubbed my hemorrhaging head the whole way. And he's a total keeper. And even though I'm totally sick and gross, he gave me a sweet goodnight kiss when he dropped me off.

It was a good night and I'm glad I didn't overdo it too much, other than going out a bit late on a work night. 'Cause let's face it, Belgianfest is gonna be totally awesome and I want to be at full liBEERian power for the event come Saturday.

the pissed liBEERian

All worn out after a long night with my borrowed (effing awesome! so you had better hope it's borrowed MGD...) RESCO watch & darn tasty attire.


Photo & Editing credits to MGD

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It be happenin'

Been sick as a (cute, yet pathetic) dog so this update is hitting the streets a bit later than I would prefer. So much fun stuff happening, I wish I felt better!

Thursday - It's the 4th Anniversary for both Schooner Exact & 99 Bottles. Both locations will be hosting parties from 4-8p. Both serving celebratory sweet things along with beer, duh.

Friday - Ice Block Party @ Varsity Grill (5:30p-8:30p with info to be found on The Book of the Face), Peanut Butter Space Jam art show opening in Tacoma, Cascade Blood Give a Pint/Get a Pint @ Swiss 12:30-6p

Saturday - Belgianfest @ The Workshop in Magnuson Park, Seattle. Check out the linkage for details, it's gonna be rad!

Sunday - Probably the usual rugby-work-pubcrawl antics.

Get out there and get some,
the pissed liBEERian

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Belgians are coming, the BELGIANS are coming!!! alloveryourface

Coming up next weekend is the Washington Beer Commission's 2nd Annual Belgianfest. Over 50 Belgian style beers (Tripels, Dubbles, Saisons, Wits, Abbeys and Lambics) will be featured by 25 Washington Breweries.

Where: Magnuson Park in North Seattle
When: Saturday January 22nd. 1st Session: 12:00-4:00p, 2nd Session: 5:30-9:30p
Who: YOU! Be there!
Tickets and additional event info can be found here.

Here’s the list of zee Belgians being offered, I am highlighting the ones that I am overly stoked to taste:

Anacortes Brewery
1) Dark Water Dubbel:  ABV: 8.2%
2) Anacortes Sour Brown ABV: 9.1%

Big Al Brewing
1) Belgian Tripel ABV: 9%
2) Local Hero #9 Belgian Dubbel ABV: 7.7%

Big Time Brewery
1) Trombipulator 2010 ABV: 10%
2) Saison Grisette

Black Raven Brewing
1) “Pour Les Oiseaux” ABV: 6.2%
2) “Seasonal Farmhouse IPA” ABV: 7.7%
3) “La Petite Mort” (cask version) ABV: 8.8%

Boundary Bay Brewery
1) Big Belgian Ale ABV: 6.6%
2) Boundary Bay Tripel

Der Blokken Brewery
1) Belgian Gold ABV: 8.5%

Elliot Bay Brewing
1) Belgian Black IPA ABV: 6% IBU: 60
2) Brett von Boorian ABV: 4.75% IBU: 30
3) Imperial von Boorian ABV: 7.25% IBU: 70
4) Red von Boorian ABV: 5% IBU: 20

Elysian Brewing
1) Bête Blanche ABV: 6.9%
2) Bête Noel Belgian-style Ale. ABV: 8.5%
3) Toro Oro Yerba Mate Tripel ABV: 7.2%
4) Yuzu’s. Sour Belgian-Style Golden Ale ABV:4.5%
5) Groaning Board Trappist-style Table Beer ABV: 5.3%
6) Backhanded Compliment (Belgian-Style IPA)  ABV: 6.2%

Fremont Brewing
1) Mystere de Tonneau
2) Blood Funnel-Saison

Georgetown Brewing
1) Donkey Deux!  ABV: 7.9%
2) Georgetown Braggot ABV: 8.5%

Hale’s Ales
1) IX Gold-Belgium Strong Golden Ale. ABV: 9%
2) Quadruppel

Issaquah Brewhouse
1) Cask of Menage-a-Frog: ABV 9%
2) Cask of Menage-a-Frog: Berry Edition ABV 9%

Lazy Boy Brewing
1) Belgian Golden Ale
2) TBA

Naked City Brewery
1) Gilda American Wild Ale ABV: 8.5%
2) Saison De La Ville Nue ABV: 6.5%

Odin Brewing
1) Odin Pearl White Ale ABV: 5.1%

Paradise Creek Brewery
1) Paradise Hoe Style: Belgian Wit. ABV: 5.9%

Pike Brewing
1) Pike Monk’s Uncle Tripel Ale ABV: 9%
2) Pike Tandem Double Ale ABV: 7.5%

Ram Brewery
1) Biere de Mars
2) Rye
3) BBL-a-Trois

RedHook Brewery
1) Dubbel Hook ABV: 8%

Scuttlebutt Brewing
1) Belgian Winter-Belgian Dark Strong Ale
2) Tripel 7 ABV: 9%

Silver City Brewery
1) La Fat-Belgian Inspired Scotch Ale ABV: 9%
2) Katy Saison ABV: 6%

Snipes Mt. Brewery
1) Twangzister #3 ABV: 8.5%

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing
1) Triskaidekaphobia-Belgian Tripel
2) Spring Fever-Belgian Gran Cru
3) Wit-Wit Bier

Three Skulls-Baron Brewing
1) Three Skulls Belgian Trippel ABV: 9%

Two Beers Brewing
1) Crooked Belgian Wit
2) Cask Dry Peeled Crooked Belgian Wit

Famous Belgian Proverbs (you know, to keep it all themey like)

For MGD ~ God heals, but the doctor gets paid. (cha!)
For ALL ~ What you say when you're drunk should have been thought about beforehand.
and for ME ~ Don't make use of another's mouth unless it has been leant to you.

I'll raise a glass to lending our mouths to each other,
the pissed liBEERian

awwwwwww! it's okay to throw up in your mouth, i kinda did.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ellensburg... fuck the what!? (the slightest of retractions)

It has to be said that while the Ellensburg WinterHop Brewfest is no longer calling my name (or my mouth, so it would seem); there are other probable reasons to vacation there.

Please see exhibit Big Bull Statue with Big Hangy Ballz below:

This statue does not detract from the flair that only a Will Call Trailer can most certainly provide, but this might be reason enough for me.

Can a statue get a reach around up in here??!!
the pissed liBEERian

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tap Night numero Ocho

Tap Night #8 starting @ 6p prontissimo!
Monday Jan 10th, 2011
The Red Hot is pouring Walking Man Double Dry Hopped Homo Erectus IIPA, Parkway is pouring Nectar Ales Hemp Ale, Doyles is pouring Fullers ESB, The Swiss is pouring Maritime Pacific Dry Hopped IPA, & Engine House #9 is pouring E-9 Simcoe One Hop Wonder!! All casks tapped at 6pm!
Not going to bother listing a route (or plan of action) this go around since I'm (1) trying to avoid stalkers, (b) working until 9p so who knows how much ground I'll be able to cover, and (7) because Jacob Leonard (formerly Head Brewer @ Walking man, now working for Widmer Brothers) specifically made the cask of Double Dry Hopped Homo Erectus IIPA for the Red Hot for this event... you can guess where I'll be headed!
Hope all of you get your badonkadonks out there to represent the goodness that is Tap Night Tacoma!
the pissed liBEERian

And they call it the day of rest!

An involved discussion took place yesterday between MGD and I. We decided that Sundays are AWESOME and totally our most favoritest day eva. We have been doing the same thing every Sunday for the last few months and took the opportunity to reflect on that last evening. (FYI, this blog was written LAST week and I'm finally getting around to fine tuning it the Sunday after. Go me and all my efficiency!)

If the 4 days prior to Sunday are taken into account, I’m not really sure where we found the energy for what our Sunday ended up entailing. On Wednesday I hit up Lah-goon-eet-uz night @ the Red Hot after work and was in store for a sleepless night because of some damn mouse in our house.  Ended up at MGD’s late Thursday because I couldn’t deal with another vermin caused evening of insomnia and pull off NYE the next day. On Friday I did NYE party stuff all day, partied my little heart out and didn’t go to bed until 5:55a on January 1st.
Saturday more or less didn’t exist, unless you take into account the bedsores on my body from spending as much time as possible hiding under the covers. Got up with our house guests for a quick bite to eat before they went on their merry way then went straight back to bed. I vaguely remember being in bed alone & realizing MGD was still downstairs. Trotted on down and sat in a chair and stared at him until he noticed and said “I thought you were sleeping and didn’t want to bother you.” I relayed that I was trying to sleep but was lonely (because who doesn’t crave company while they are unconscious?) so he obliged and hopped back in the sack where he proceeded to snooze for hours and I laid there listening to him breathe.
'Twas decided that we had to obtain sustenance at some point and I was dismayed that I had to put on pants and go to the store for PL friendly food. There was about 30m of internal debate while trying to drown my hunger in Coke Zero. Pants wearing it is, followed by the longest visit to Safeway EVER. So essentially we slept, read, watched movies and ate all day in true recovery mode.

Cue Sunday, TA DA!!! Wake up early-ish to head towards the 206 where MGD throws down some rugby goodness and I try to get some work done for a couple of hours. Then commences the “What do you want to do?” & “I don’t know, what do YOU want to do?” followed by “There’s a few places left in Seattle we haven’t tried…” which led to the following itinerary. 

-Rugby for MGD, 3rd Place Books café for me (coffee + wifi = an alarming amount of productivity)
-In search of Skins/Giants game yet also requiring good beer leads to a problematic situation. We tried Pies & Pints, Iron Bull and then finally Murphy’s; where we sucked it up and live streamed the game through my ‘puter.
-On to Bottleworks (just a few blocks down from Murphy’s) where we looked around a bit and had a Liefmans Kriek & a Deschutes Hop Henge.
-As all roads that lead to Bottleworks will take you directly to Brouwer’s Café, it was the next natural pit stop. Plopped down into our favorite spot (leather couches tucked into a risen corner stage) and watched the rest of the Seahawks game. Yummy things to hit our mouths were a Dirty Ho, a Russian River Supplication, and some Hair of the Dog Adam & washed down with a bowl of cauliflower gratin and we were ready to go to…
-Duck Island. Well, not quite yet. I merely asked the name of the place where we played pinball a few weeks ago and MGD took that as a “next stop, here we come!”

We parked a few blocks away and hoofed it down the block in the bitterasscoldnipplyweather. After 30 feet (uphill both ways, in the snow, minus shoes), we ducked into Uber Tavern to warm up.. Score! This place was absolutely fabulous with their pretty fire rocks (which I wasn’t allowed to play with), their big pink Delirium Tremens elephant tap (which I also wasn’t allowed to play with) and rockin’ bottle selection (which I was allowed to play with). Ie a Russian River Supplication for $19!! Whoa, shoulda checked that price out first. Obviously I can’t play without strict supervision.

In the future we will definitely want to spend some more time @ Uber Tavern, that place was pretty bomb. Finally got our act together enough to bear the cold and ran down to Duck Island. Got some brews and quarters and thoroughly dominated the pinball machines. Well, AFTER I dug through a coffee can of old bottle caps to find more of the Session Lager rock/paper/scissors variety (which I totally did!).  Collection: Beyond Complete.

Drove home around midnight, watched a movie, fillintheblankwithyourdirtyminds, and went to sleep. We have finally figured out the perfect formula to our wonderful Sunday adventures. Sunshine (not necessary but ideal), sports, productivity, pubs & us. 

To rest, or be heathens?
heathenishly yours,
the pissed liBEERian

Saturday, January 8, 2011

WTF Ellensburg? also known as 'why i don't cross the mountains for beer'

This is so funny & ridiculous, I had to share with y'all. Had a somewhat last minute notion to attend the WinterHop BrewFest in Ellensburg coming up next weekend. Called a friend who could be a stand in blog photographer (MGD be outta town) and is usually up for any and all kinds of antics. Her sense of adventure is rivaled by none.

In looking up the festival info I saw that the event had sold out, so I inquired about obtaining some blog related media passes in order to attend. Please read the timely & oh so accommodating response I received:

Yes!!!!  As long as you are not tasting a ticket is not required.  I could have a media pass for you at the Will Call trailer.  I just need names and I can have two media passes for you……If I can help you with anything else please let me know

Sigh. Let me repeat: SIGH. Oh Ellensburg Chamber of Commerce, you ignorant little sluts.

Please ask yourself why I would trouble myself to drive 122 miles to attend a beer event that I can't drink at? What kind of bullshit reporting would that be? The beer looked good... It smelled delicious... Man, it appears to be thirst quenching...  With an added bonus of picking my tickets up from something referred to as the 'Will Call trailer'. Best shine up my shit kickers and bust out my very best wife beater!

Guess I'll just have to miss this one, maybe next year... 
the pissed liBEERian

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hitting 7th Heaven with 7 Seas Brewing

Check out the new promo video for 7 Seas Brewing. Click right here bitches, it'll take you to You Tube!

Ah... how they tickle me timbers and shiver me proper pints.

I heart you, Travis and Mike! Keep up the great work.

the pissed liBEERian

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sometimes it's hard to remember the things you never want to forget.

New Years Freakin' Eve. I tend to build up upcoming events in my head. I always want everything to be the best, most fun & incredibly epic.  Important nights, like New Years Eve, are placed in a category best known as "most likely to never live up to my crazy big expectations". Someone who once knew me well told me that "they can't all be zingers". True enough. Except in the case of my Friday night, New Years Eve. What an amazingly great time. It was the best (most perfect) NYE I've ever had.

Co-hosted a private after hours party @ Amocat Cafe in Tacoma with owner Morgan Alexander. Got to share my evening with friends both new and old. Some of the people I love most in the world were there. It's a bit sappy but to be able to ring in 2011 with my best friend in the universe, my brother (who's lived out of state for the last 7 yrs & just moved back to WA), and the man I love and adore above all others; means more to me than a few keystrokes can express.
Morgan beer!

We had a million laughs, a ton of great beer (cue the 3 liter bottles of Double Bastard & Grand Reserve Chimay, plus some remarkable home brew by Amocat owner Morgan Alexander) and delicious nomz coming in all shapes and sizes. There was a damn taster cup pyramid for goodness sake!

Did a bit of pre-funking & last minute party preparing with a growler of Schooner Exact's Midnight Union before the guests showed up. Shortly before the hour of importance I trotted down to the Mix for some party swag they were giving away outside. I.e., feathered tiaras for the girls, bowler hats for the boys, and some noise makers for all. Dallas, the Mix's bouncer, let me have whatever my heart desired so I invited him to come drink with us when work ended. As I ran up the street back to Amocat I shouted something to the effect of "Just come do it, right now!" at him. A random street lingerer replied "When a girl like that says 'come do it right now' you go man, right now." Hahahaha. Too funny. He never came (that I know of) but I appreciate his contribution to the party.

My Fave Moments of NYE 

1. While playing with our newly acquired party attire, I believe I started a 'debate' with MGD over who gets to utilize the noise makers. As we clearly had different thoughts on the issue, someone (uh... me, obviously) got all pissy about not getting what she wanted and executed a sneak attack on her nemesis of the moment. Needless to say, I lost the noise maker and a bit of pride and executed Plan B. Some silent treatment accompanied by a whole lot of stink eye...

Trying to smooth the drunken waters, MGD took a rare DFHead bottle cap (which I collect obsessively) and lovingly scratched the price tag off to a perfect glean. And because I'm such a gracious loser in all things competitive, I swatted the cap out of his hand onto the floor while raising my stink eye level. As an innocent party guest attempted to collect it from the floor, I stomped on the cap with my shiny Mary Jane'd heel and swiftly kicked it under the beer fridge. Gave MGD the look of death (read: What now? I don't need your stupid peace offering!) and felt I proved my point sufficiently. Hugs were given, kisses were had and all was forgiven and forgotten.

10 minutes pass...

FUCK. I want that bottle cap. Ugh, why do I always screw myself over to make a point? Stubbornness at it's finest, right here. Spent the next 45 laying on the floor in my supercutepartydress with a flashlight, a big metal rod & the help of multiple friends trying to retrieve the item of importance. To no avail, the DFHead bottle cap shall remain a part of Amocat's history.

2. The 3 liter bottles of Grand Reserve Chimay (which we bought off Chris, the owner of The Red Hot during Lagunitas night) & Double Bastard were the best ideas ever. Holy awesome. I told MGD that it was a bit excessive @ approx. $100 each but then I saw the Double Bastard came with a chain, lock & key... That's a yes. Maybe I was more worried about having to explain to everyone all night what MGD was compensating for by bringing such largeness to share. Which is absolutely nothing. Visual examples below display that dude knows how to show this girl a good time.

3. Our group of 5 (MGD, my best friend and her hubby, my brother & myself) finally cabbed it back (safety first!) to Casa de MGD around 1a. No one was quite ready to call it a night so we stayed up drinking more (Chimay & Midnight Union) and playing Rummy in front of the fireplace, til 6a. It was a perfect end to a perfect night.

If the amount of fun I had on New Years Eve is any indication of the upcoming year, I'm stoked. I hope everyone I know had a wonderful and safe evening as well.

2011, bring it on yo!
the pissed (and uber content with her life) liBEERian

Photo credits: MGD, Myself, Bee & Michele Barnes
Editing award goes to MGD

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