Thursday, August 25, 2011

Effing Parkway Tavern IPA Fest... you give me a dang big happy!


It's that time of year again, the Parkway Tavern IPA Fest (!!!!!!!!) begins this weekend. It starts (officially) at 2p on Saturday and goes until closing time Sunday, which is 2a. So technically it's Monday but WHATEVER.

BBQ & meaty goodness will be present (this nerdy vegetarian will plan on BMyOVeggieMeatz like I did for Barleywine Fest) as will the out back beer gardenness be open.

Here’s all the IPAs that will be poured at one point or another during the 2 day fest. The only scheduled brew is the Dogfish Head 120 Minute, which will be tapped at 2pm on Saturday. Sucks to be me, stuck at work til 6p. I will be making a GRAND appearance on Sunday for sure!

(IPAs that are starred are on my 'if you don't have any of these left by the time I join the fun, there may be a sad face involved' list)

Double Mountain Hop Lava
Bear Republic Racer 5
Bear Republic Racer 5 Mach 10
Boulder Mojo
Boulder Hoopla
Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial
Southern Tier 2XIPA
Midnight Sun Sockeye Red*
Dogfish Head 120 Minute*
21st Amendment Hop Crisis
Left Coast Trestles
Left Coast Hop Juice
Oakshire Watershed
Boneyard RPM
Laurelwood Workhorse
Fearless Mjolnir Double
Southern Oregon Nice Rack* (hahaha)
Northern Lights
Snoqualmie Powerhouse No. 1 Double*
Everybody’s Country Boy
Port Mongo
Port Wipeout
7 Seas Rude Parrot*
Laughing Dog
Fremont Interurban
Green Flash West Coast
Lagunitas Hop Stoopid
Lost Coast Indica*
Widmer Nelson Imperial
Airways Sky Hag*
Mac ‘n’ Jack’s Two Tun
Mad River Double
Fish Cask*
Silver City Whoop Pass
Ninkasi Tricerahops
Full Sail Elevation Imperial*
Harmon Floridian
Big Time Icculus*
Big Time Meerkat*
Black Raven Trickster
Naked City Podunk
Anderson Valley Hop Ottin’
Great Divide Titan
Pike Double
He’Brew Lenny’s
Flyer’s Afterburner
Hopworks Organic*
Chuckanut British
Georgetown Lucille
Maritime Pacific Double Dry Hop Imperial
Hale’s Supergoose
Stone Ruination
Mt. Shasta Mountain High
Beer Valley Delta 9
Schooner Exact 3 Grid
Two Beers Evolutionary
Elysian Dry Hop Immortal*
Firestone Walker Union Jack
American Breakaway
Skagit Gospel
Port Townsend Grimacing Grimace w/lavender*

Get your mouthhole ready to be rocked!
the pissed liBEERian

This is me at the 2010 IPA Fest. And yes, that IS my happy face.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A few things to do this weekend...

We’re coming up on the tail end of August and while it’s almost starting to finally feel like Summer, most of us are getting geared up for Fall. In case either of those things cause you to experience serious depression, here are a few things to do this week that should take your mind off of things.

Thursday, August 20th 
  • Iron Brewer Matchup at Beveridge Place Pub (Seattle) from 7-10p. Fremont & Elliot Bay will both be offering beer made with Blueberries & Cinnamon. YOU decide the winner!

Friday 19th thru Sunday 21st 
  • Beer Bloggers Conference in Portland, OR. I’ve decided not to attend for many a reason (insert sad face) but it sounds like a great time will be had. Beer, food, tours & lotsa blog talk… could it be any better? Both beer bloggers and ‘normal’ people can attend this weekend long event, check out their website for more information.

Friday, August 19th 

Saturday, August 20th

So after all of that... go ahead and take Sunday off.
Don't forget that Parkway IPA Fest starts next weekend too!
Saturday and Sunday shall be full of hoppy goodness for boys and girls alike.

the pissed liBEERian

IPA Fest 2010. Totally popped my cherry.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Are you ready for Tacoma Craft Beer Festival?

The Craft Beer Festival of the Tacoma-ness is slowly creeping up on you. Only one chance to attend this year: Saturday, September 3rd. Noon-9p at a new outdoor location.

Are you ready? Do you have tickets? Can you say 'Oh hellz yeah!'?
If you're not there, you have problems. Or priorities. 
Or problems prioritizing your priorities.

Below is a list of confirmed Brewers that will be in attendance at the festival. I can't wait for the specific beer list to be released so I can get to work on my itemized, prioritized, color-coded spreadsheet. 
Hit me up if you want one too! I don't mind telling you what to drink...

Beer Fest posterAirways Brewing
Alaskan Brewing
Burris Brewing
Deschutes Brewing
Diamond Knot Brewing
Engine House #9
Hales Ales
Lazy Boy Brewing
Mac and Jacks
Maritime Pacific
MT Head Brewing
Naked City Brewery
New Belgium Brewing
Odin Brewing
Pike Brewing
Schooner Exact Brewing
Silver City Brewing
Snoqualmie Falls Brewing
Sound Brewery
Stone Brewing
Trade Route Brewing
Two Beers Brewing
Wingman Brewers
  And more...
(I certainly hope 'and more...', there are few local Tacoma breweries I don't see on this list yet.)
40 Craft Breweries pouring over 80 Craft beers
Live Music, Food, and Games (yes, games!)

$25 pre-sale online
$30 at the door
Military discount with active duty ID at the door
Tickets can also be bought at Amocat Cafe (Tacoma) & 99 Bottles (Federal Way) with cash
Fred Meyer Reward Card Members bring your card for a discount at the door (2 per card)

Admission includes:
5.5 oz commemorative taster glass + 10 tasting tokens
Additional 5.5 oz pours: $1.50

Last year the festival was so dang fun I get verklempt just thinking about it. Hope to see the 253 out in force that day, representing in the way we do!
stay pretty & drink real beer,
the pissed liBEERian
Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project officially has the best slogan ever.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy 4th Anniversary to The Red Hot !!!!

Today is a day for celebration as we pile some love on the wonderful Red Hot of the 253. It is their 4th Anniversary (which is the 'fruit & flowers' anniversary if you're all traditional like that and trying to pick out a gift for them) and they are hosting a casual BBQ soiree today (Saturday, August 13th) in celebration of their glory and achievement in awesomeness.

Party goes from 11-9p, so find some time to stop by and pay your respects. 
For more info on the event and a big fatty thank you message from The Red Hot, check out their blog/website. Here's the draft lineup for today:
  • 7 Seas Bloody Seas Bloody Mary-infused Beer (Uh yeah, delicious! It'll blow your mouth hole away)
  • Snoqualmie Falls pub-only keg of Little Si Kolsch
  • Cascade Brewing Test Drive IPA
  • Cascade Brewing Lime/Ginger/Honey Sour
  • Two Beers Heart of Darkness Imperial CDA
While I've known of the Red Hot's existence for a couple years now, they officially weaseled their way into my heart of hearts at Tacoma Craft Beerfest last October. After a string of experiences I had at The Red Hot (some of it was them & some of it was me), it became the place that I wanted to like so very badly, but just didn't. Through the hard pressed efforts of the Red Hot just being cool in the way that it is and owner Chris Miller (one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet), they now have a perma-place in my heart.

They've stayed true to their nature of serving up delicious/quirky/gourmet tube steaks, on-site execution of any jerks who dare to enter, and pint after pint of great craft beer. 

Wishing The Red Hot many more years of success, keep up the great job in true Tacoma fashion!!

Some of my favorite moments at The Red Hot...

A post gym drink up. Yes, that's what I wear to the gym & yes, I go to a bar after the gym.
The Red Hot is an enthusiastic participator & amazing force behind Tap Night Tacoma (2nd Monday of every month, real cask ales poured at several locations around the 253). We try to make it for every one if we can, whether we have enough funds or not. We're hardcore like that.
Ice Cream Social at The Red Hot
 One of my All Time favorite local events: Tacoma Drinks Washington Beer
2 weeks.
2 punch cards.
2 dedicated imbibers.
Too many pints to count.
(not really, I just prefer not to think about how much money we spent and how much beer we drank)
2 growlers earned.
Pictured above are our first set of victory beers & me claiming Growler #1 at The Red Hot.

way less of a jerk, because of you Red Hot
the pissed liBEERian
 This is me being less of a jerk @ Tacoma Craft Beer Fest. 


Photography by that one guy, the Real MGD or something like that. I'm sure I took some of these pics too.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beer Potlucks (& why I will now be providing the Vietnamese sammys)

Apparently the day has come when people are just tooooooo busy to come have fun and drink some beer.  We were a force of 3 (Morgan Alexander, TPG3 & myself) during the most latest & greatest beer share, with a few other peeps stopping in here and there to share a laugh and a beer.

The night began in an off way right out of the gate as our usual Vietnamese sandwich provider wasn’t in attendance. He got us all addicted to those Pho King sammies, making them a potluck staple, only to leave us high and dry by being too busy to attend. Effing LaCroix and his Effing Life. So I took matters into my own hands and hooked up our Sammy needs. Little did I know the reasoning behind him always taking on this task…

When waiting for your food they give you a little glass of water and baby cream puff to snack on. Pfffffft, I’m sooooo taking over the sandwich job for our potlucks. Delicious as always! Love those little guys. Sorry LaCroix, you lose.
Anyways... the beer! After realizing our numbers were going to be on the small side we busted open some bottles, started mixing & concocting creations. Here were some of our preferred blends:

  • Wandering Angus ‘Bloom’ Cider & 2 Beers Panorama Wheat Ale (canned)
  • Old Viscosity & Tieton Apricot Cider
  •  Left Hand Milk Stout & Iron Horse Mocha Death (hoooooly yum, tasted like creamy iced coffee!)
  • Ninkasi ‘Oatis’ Oatmeal Stout & Spire Pear Cider

After we did some of the bolder blends with the new ciders that came into Amocat, we started throwing all kinds of crazy stuff together. Think soda fountain Graveyard blending. Too much to keep track of but the 3 of us had a great time playing master mixologists.

We also tried some of Morgan’s Pliny the Angry project ale, #4 I believe. Or it could have been #5. Regardless, I really liked the new version. It’s bitter and hoppy in the middle with a mellow finish. No IPA face causing back end. Pliny 2x as Angry, keep on it with the good beers dude!
We all had a muy bueno and chillaxin’ evening. I never busted open the Total Eclipse of the Hop or Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary bottles that I brought and went home with 2 mini growlers of Schooner Exact’s Seamstress Union. Bring 2 bottles in, go home with 4, guess that works! We were also so on the ball that we already sorted out the date of the next Beer Potluck.

Bring it on September 2nd! I expect a decent turn out for MGD's return.

Mix, drink, share, repeat
The pissed liBEERian

Dedicated to the LaCroix

Thursday, August 4, 2011

International #IPADay is here, hooray!

International #IPADay has finally come so hop to it and throw something down the pipe that's both lovely & bitter. There's been a bottle of Dogfish Head Hellhound on My Ale IPA chillin' in my fridge for about 2mths now, waiting for today. It's a 22oz'er and I'm bound and determined to finish it all on my own.

In an attempt to unite the peeps in the craft beer community via social media, #IPADay was invented. Below you'll find some further info on this movement but first I'm gonna make a small list of my most favoritest IPAs ever, not including Black IPAs, CDAs, Dark IPAs, whatever the IPA you call it.
  • Ithaca Flower Power
  • Boulevard Single Wide IPA
  • #1403 (from Parkway Tavern's Pro-Am Homebrew Competition)
  • Airways Uber Hag
  • Dogfish Head 120min IPA (well... when paired with the World Wide Stout as a Heaven & Hell, pictured to the right)

I'm sure I'm missing a few or 10 but that's what I can come up with off the top of my head. There are some token IPAs that people fall all over themselves over like Russian River's Pliny the Elder or Green Flash West Coast IPA, but they just don't do it for me. I'll leave those to the professional IPA drinkers. Give me a Single Wide any day... to drink, not to live in.

Why Today is Today and How It Became What It Is

"International #IPADay is a grassroots movement to unite the voices of craft beer enthusiasts, bloggers, and brewers worldwide through social media. On Thursday August 4th, craft beer drinkers across the social sphere and across the globe will raise pints in a collective toast to one of craft beer’s most iconic styles: the India Pale Ale. This celebrated style represents the pinnacle of brewing innovation with its broad spectrum of diverse brands, subcategories, and regional flavor variations – making it the perfect style to galvanize craft beer’s social voice.

#IPADay is not the brainchild of a corporate marketing machine, nor is it meant to serve any particular beer brand. #IPADay is opportunity for breweries, bloggers, businesses and consumers to connect and share their love of craft beer. Getting involved is easy; the only requirements are an appreciation for great beer and the will to spread the word. Anyone can participate by enjoying IPA with friends, making some noise online with the #IPADay hashtag, and showing the world that craft beer is more than a trend!"

As New Zealand is 19hrs ahead of the 253, I got to vicariously enjoy the holiday (& the greatness that is the India Pale Ale) through MGD a whole day early. His celebratory ales included:  
8-Wire Hopwire, Epic Barrel-Aged Armageddon (best in show!), Epic Hop Zombia & Moa 5 Hop.

 Oh and check it: International Beer Day is tomorrow (Aug. 5th) so go forth, drink loveliness and party on through the rest of the week. You have my permission!

owner/creator/inventor of the epic IPA face,
the pissed liBEERian

No... this isn't my IPA face.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Birthday spankings... coming right up!

 Happy Birfday to me! Happy Birfday to meeeeeeeee! 
Happy birfffffffffffffffffffffffffffday dear mysEEeeelf... 
Happy. Birfday. To. Me.

Today, August 2nd, marks one year since the pissed liBEERian was brought into existence. Wow, has it been a wild ride. In honor of the occasion, I am republishing my very first post with edits and notes. I got a laff and a half reading this again, hope you do too. Enjoy!

pissed = drunk (not mad)
liBEERian = me

I have noticed a theme developing in my life over the last 2+ mths or so. The search for delicious ales, delivered to me either in full pint form or 4oz tasting glass, has officially BEGUN. I think Brewer's Fest 2010 officially started my slight obsession. Some people critique food, some people breakdown vino & it's many elements. For others... there is beer. [EDIT: Oh sweet, sweet delicious beer. Twas a combo of Brewers Fest & Seattle International Beer Fest that spawned the blog, for the record.]

I started drinking beer about 6yrs ago. Started LIKING beer around 3-4yrs ago. All of my male friends and brother have a pretty diverse palate when it comes to ale and I was starting to feel a little left out, possibly uncool. So I made myself try new things (new @ that time =ed anything that wasn't Corona w/ lime wedge) and failed miserably. Beer was purdy gross. I resigned myself to loving the oh so palatable Blue Moon & the occasional Mac & Jacks Serengeti Wheat. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy both but my mind and mouth crave more. Sigh... what's new? [EDIT: I've now pretty much blown all of said friends & sibling out of the water when it comes to having a diverse palate. They call me a beer snob and I'm okay with that. There's just too much interesting and new beer out there.]

Beer exploration took an abrupt halt when I stopped most of my drinking (vino and mixed drinks consumed rarely, beer never) to pursue fitness and weight loss for a stint of 6mths. Still keeping fit and active but have slowly added tasty ales back into my diet.[EDIT: Definitely slowed down on the consistent fitness portion of my life but I'm getting back into it. Unless I want to give up eating completely, I have to counteract all the beery goodness with something.]

Now that I have a few beer related festivals (along with the drunken bruises and fantastically fuzzy memories to prove it) under my belt, I have been fervently pursuing info from breweries around the nation, as well as local pubs for specific brews. The beer that got me started on such madness is Schooner Exact Brewing Company's Seamstress Union, a raspberry wheat ale.


I had it for the 1st time at Brewer's Fest 2010, handed over my little wooden chip not knowing the magnitude of what was about to hit my mouth. I then proceeded to spend many more chips (my own and my date's) at their corner tent location. 4oz a pop is not enough to get my fill! [EDIT: 4oz is still not enough, I have 2 mini growlers of Seamstress Union at home awaiting my private celebration. Yay seasonal beer! The 'date' in question who graciously let me spend his wooden money on SU was the one and only MGD. Neither of us knew that he would become so instrumental in my life's work but low and behold, he's still hanging in there.]

I spent the following weeks harassing the brewers @ Schooner Exact (who were kind enough to load me with info on the beer and where they had most recently delivered kegs in Tacoma) along with local pubs to find out where and when it was going on tap. Finally found it @ 1022 South in downtown Tacoma. Walking from work to my car @ 9p, I phoned Chris at 1022 to inquire on SU and I think he was as excited as I was over the ale "come on down!! we have it right here for ya". Met my partner in crime, MGD (used his real name in the original blog but he's become kind of a big deal so we try to retain his secret identity for privacy sake), for a pint. It was a mutual consensus that it was a) amazing and b) just as good, if not better than we remembered.

I felt fairly relieved that I hadn't built up it's amazingness in my head. Even though I will submit, I am fairly enamored with Seamstress Union. NOTE TO SCHOONER EXACT... take it off seasonal, make it year round!! Still planning on marching my charms down to the SE tasting room in Seattle to talk them into this. [EDIT: I've probably drank more Seamstress Union than most and I will still say, it is one of my favorites still. My tastes have changed drastically regarding beer, over the last 365 days but SU will always remain steadfast in my heart and hopefully in my mouthhole. They did me a total solid by winterizing the beer and creating Midnight Union, Seamstress Union's evil dark counterpart.]

Some of us require Seamstress Union year round. I was told specifically (by the Real MGD) "I don't want to be around you when SU isn't available any longer". Hahahaha, enuff said. ;)

Ale related goals and the Essential point of this BuhLog: 
[EDIT: Let's see juuuuust how far I've deviated from my aims in the beginning...]

-Not planning on writing such a novel every time, this is just a small peek for you into my plight. Straight to business from here on out. [EDIT: Hahahahaha, how's that been working out so far? As wordy as ever, thank you very much.]

-Review beers I've tried [EDIT: Or list beers I've tried, especially the ones I loved, and link things to MGD's reviews on Rate Beer. Same difference.]

-Review pubs & breweries where I have sought out these libations (current fave: Parkway Tavern) [EDIT: Yup, still Parkway. They have, and always will, rock my stripey socks.]

-Find cool suppliers of eclectic bottled brew (current best a tie between 99 Bottles and Whole Foods) [EDIT: Success! We've found Binny's, World Beers of Tacoma, Bottleworks & beyond]

-Report on the many random occurrences that tend to happen while consuming the good brew (free age related beer & leaving SIB w/ 2x as many glasses as we started with) [EDIT: Essentially what my postings have been about. Recorded works of my musings & randomness regarding beer, life and events.]

-Learn to love IPA's (it is a type of brew that seems to have the most variety available 'round these here parts and with the coolest names, I think I can make it happen. I am single minded to a fault when there is something I want.) [EDIT: Results are in. I spent the better part of this year drinking mostly IPAs. I've developed an appreciation and can tell you what I like & I don't when it comes to them. However, I don't love IPAs. They still have rad names & my IPA face isn't quite as scary or frequent these days. It still rears its crazy head at times when I drink things like Arctic Panzer Wolf by Three Floyds BC.]

Well, there ya haze it. This last year has not only changed my little world, but my life. And as such things go, the more things change the more they stay the same. Still having fun during every minute of it & excited for the promise of more good times to come.

I've spent some time thinking about what ambitions I have for my little bloggy blog. I always wish I could be a million times more on top of stuff and consistency (you know, like a little more firm. possibly less runny...) can always use improvement. Here are my hopes for myself in the upcoming year (uh, no promises):
  • Post weekly on events all around Tacoma. Not just my fave places but everywhere in the 253 with fun Seattle happenings thrown in.
  • Bust out the event recaps in a more timely fashion (ahem, photo editing needs to be muy rapido MGD! heehee) and catch up on past event postings that never made it to publication.
  • Start interviewing some of the great brewers around here about their awesomeness (instead of just spouting my undying love for them and their creations) & maybe start poking them more often for info about what new things they have coming our way.
  • Update blog page, possibly move to a new site.

Yeah... that'll do for now on the goal setting. It's not freakin' New Years. 
Now for my favorite part, speech time. SPEECH!!!!

A huge thank you needs to be dealt out to many. I am so blessed and thankful for so many who have contributed to making this blog (and the last year of my life) what it has become. Local brewers (for themselves & the awesome beer they make): who I've spent much time getting to know and make beer events funner than a fun thing, my merry minions (they are an assorted and random group): they've accompanied me on many beer related journeys and endeavors or just been enthusiastic about my plight, and anyone who reads & enjoys my blog: if there wasn't anyone to read it, there wouldn't be much of a point.

Have to add a special 'thank you' to MGD. He falls into the minion category (on FB, the RealMGD has hailed himself as '#1 minion to the Pissed Libeerian' so don't think this is only my doing) but in truth, my blog would not be what it is without him. During the course of this last year he has been my photographer (& always manages to capture perfect moments and kudos for always making me look my bestest), editor (luckily he understand the way I talk/write so he only edits actual mistakes & rarely my grammar), partner in crime (he's always primed and ready for the next big beer adventure with a camera in one hand, a taster glass in the other and a smile), and my man. Who I totally way super duper heart. Like... a lot.

Chilling by the fireside at the opening of the 7 Seas PNW Beer Garden.
He has been indisposable to the blog (& myself) when it comes to attending many an event, remembering facts and info as my notes fail me, creating amazing pictures to beef up all my verbal spewage and helping me with all kinds of ideas and brainstorming for new things to do for the blog. After I'm done typing this all out, I'm totally gonna go create & ghetto laminate him a "Beer Blog Minion of the Year" award. Those of you who know me, know I'm not kidding.

See ya on the other side...
the pissed liBEERian
aka Tracy
aka 5 thousand other aliases

Photography by The Real MGD & Basil & Myself & a random person in the 7 Seas Beer Garden
Editing by The Real MGD
Style & Inappropriateness by The pissed liBEERian

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